The Most Scenic Parking Spots for Motorhomes in Europe

Have you ever dreamed of travelling through Europe? Visiting the most magnificent cities, such as Paris, Madrid or Lisbon? Almost everyone did. But going by plane, bus or car is very uncomfortable and could lead to spending thousands of pounds on hotels. What if there was a way in which we could be comfortable without having to suffer either the discomfort or money loss? 

Thankfully, there is. Ever tried a campervan or motorhome? Both are very practical. However, if you value the comfort of driving, then a motorhome is a better option. If you don’t know what to start from check Adria motorhomes. If you worry about parking, then don’t, because there are a lot of parking spots or camping sites destined specifically for motorhomes. To make the process of planning your travel more manageable. Check the list of the most scenic parking spots/campsites for motorhomes in Europe. 

Flesefossen Brattlandsdalen

Located in the south of Norway, this is a perfect example of a scenic parking spot. Placed right next to the waterfall, this free motorhomes parking site has stolen hearts of not only those travelling by motorhomes, but also of people in regular cars. Almost everyone stops to appreciate the magnificent view. The sound of water that could be heard even in your vehicle makes it even better. As it is a typical parking spot, the only things available are picnic tables and a toilet. 

Camping Merry-sur-Yonne

This beautiful parking spot situated in central France is a must stop by while being in this country. Placed on the shores of Yonne river in the Burgundy’s wine region, it offers not only a spectacular view, but also a lot of activities. You can rent a kayak or a bike, and go exploring. There are a lot of facilities available, such as a toilet, a kitchen or laundry. The children will also not be bored, as they can play on the playground or with the arcade machines. 

Huttopia Gorges du Tarn

While we are talking about France, another parking spot with beautiful scenery worth mentioning is Huttopia Gorges du Tarn. Located in the south of France, on the banks of the Tarn river and inside the Cevennes National Park, it is an ideal place for nature lovers. From hiking to canoeing, you definitely will not be bored while staying in this area. On the campsite itself, you have a toilet and a bar/restaurant. Internet access is also available.

Tartaruga Camping 

This particular spot is located on the Greek island Zante, or Zakynthos if we want to be specific. The place is magnificent during August, when apart from enjoying the sea breeze and beaches, you can participate in a local tradition. A night-time festival for the island’s patron saint – St Dionysios – will definitely be a memorable event. Aside from this, you also have a fantastic opportunity to see loggerhead turtles, which live in the waters near the campsite. There is also a beach nearby. 

Camping El Pinar Costa Brava 

Situated in the east of Catalonia, this is a perfect place for people who instead of being active prefer to lay on the sand, tan the whole day and overall just enjoy the stunning Spanish view. From the campsite itself, you have direct access to the S’Abanell beach, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful among the ones in this area. Supermarket, laundry and bathrooms are available for everyone, as well as Wi-Fi service. 

Agricampeggio Terra e Sogni

If we are talking about beautiful places, then, of course, Italy cannot be missed. Located in between vineyards and olive trees, Agricampeggio Terra e Sogni is a perfect place to really feel like a member of the local community. The vineyards are usually open for visitors, so apart from resting before the rest of your trip or next destination, you can learn about Italian traditions when it comes to wine production. It is definitely a must, as Italy along with France is known for having the best wines. The parking is located around 10 minutes by walk from the historical centre of Bardolino village, and beaches of Lago di Garda.

While going on a longer trip in Europe, the best way to travel is to do it by a motorhome – it is more comfortable. It also makes you discover it in a way that a plane or a bus can’t – it gives a freedom of choice – you choose the road by yourself, which places to visit and where to stop. Remember though – it is essential to check if parking in the spot that you want to, is legal. Check out the mentioned spots – each of them is different, but what connects all of them is the beautiful scenery that you’ll surely appreciate.