The Many Reasons Why Adoption of Solar Energy in California is an Excellent Idea

If you are living in any of the cities (or even most of the rural areas) in California, then there are more than enough reasons to adopt solar energy as your main supplier of electricity. We are going to discuss some of the most important ones next.

The Golden State is Rife with True Gold: Golden Sunlight

The state of California is behind only Arizona in terms of getting the maximum sunshine every year, and that distance is often overshadowed by the fact that California has a much better solar infrastructure than Arizona.

California came to be known as the Golden State for the Gold Rush it experienced at one time, when gold was literally flowing through its streams in abundance. However, today, one would not be wrong to cite the golden sunshine as a more valid reason for California to retain its nickname. In a time when the energy crisis is on the verge of hitting the entire planet soon, that golden sunlight found so abundantly in the Golden State is more important than gold itself.

Los Angeles, for example, experiences more sunshine than any other city in the United States, barring only Yuma in Arizona. However, Yuma does not have the solar capacity to produce a fraction of the electrical energy which Los Angeles continues to produce and grow even further with each passing year.

That’s just one city, and when you put together all of them, including the surprisingly fast-growing contribution of solar in Westminster, California managed to produce a whopping 21,074 MW of solar electricity back in 2017, at a time when the second-most productive state, North Carolina, was producing 4,308 MW of solar electricity annually!

The difference between the two is just astronomical in terms of solar energy generation, which in itself is a clear indication of the fact that not only is California rife with solar energy, but the city is actually able to utilize our infinite source of energy up in the sky to an extent that no other city on the Northern hemisphere can at this moment.

Adopting Solar Energy is Not the Same as It Was 10 Years Ago: Things have Improved Dramatically

What most people do not know is that the total cost of adopting solar energy has actually dropped by as much as 80% (between 2008 and 2019) in the residential sector, which is nothing short of astounding, and nobody would have thought of it as a possible figure to even consider a decade ago.

In other words, solar panels have become more affordable and energy efficient than they ever were before, with the promise of prices getting slashed even further, while the conversion-efficiency will continue to increase every year.

Now, here is the fun part – it’s even cheaper in California due to the weather conditions, state government’s encouragement, and of course, the competition among the multiple solar energy vendors operating in the state. For example, if you are looking for a solar company in Westminster, you will likely be overwhelmed by your options, which is also the reason why prices are kept down and competitive for all things solar in Westminster.

It’s one of the surprisingly fastest growing solar cities in the Orange County, and if you happen to live in Westminster, there is no practical reason why you would need to settle for anything less than the absolute best solar installation in Westminster, within your budget. Speaking of the best solar panel installation in Westminster, it is highly recommended that you visit the official website of Semper Solaris on, before finalizing a deal with a company that you know little to nothing about. Being the best solar company in Westminster, Semper Solaris doesn’t just offer a run of the mill solar panel system, but all their solar roofing solutions come with an all-inclusive service and an extended warranty.

You Can Start Earning Money from Your Investment, After a Certain Time

When Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Powerwall, it really changed everything for the residential sector. Be sure to back up your photovoltaic system with a Tesla Powercell battery for storage as well. It will let you sell the excess electricity your system produces back to the grid at a high price during on-hours. 

Eventually, after the cost of the initial installation is covered via tax credits, energy savings, and these sellbacks to your electricity provider, you will be earning money from your solar roof each time you sell off your excess electricity. A lot of homes around California even continue to expand their solar production and storage capacity to further capitulate on the business opportunity that it so clearly presents.

There is Practically No Downside to Having a Solar Roof!

We have already discussed the potential to sell off excess electricity, mentioned the various tax credits and, most importantly, the ability to become independent from the grid for most of the year. Add the reduced cost of installation and the longevity of modern solar panels in general, and we really do not have any reason as to why someone living in the sunny state should not have even a small solar energy system up on the roof.

Additionally, if your roof is entirely covered with solar panels, rest assured that it’s more durable than any standard roof. The main reason for that is the fact that when your solar system is installed, your roof is reinforced by the installation company automatically, and if it is entirely covered with solar cells, heat energy has no deteriorative effect on your roof, because it can’t get through enough to cause harm.

As if anyone needed any more reasons, the real estate value of any property automatically goes up as soon as you install a solar roof. As it happens, if you are in a city like San Diego, Westminster, or Los Angeles, your property is expected to have a solar roof or at least a small photovoltaic system in the garden somewhere. It will help you sell your property faster, if you decide to do so someday.

Californians Have the Infinite Source of Energy within their Grasp

The sun is the infinite source of energy, which is our biggest hope for the future in every sense of the word for when we do finally run out of all non-renewable sources of power at some point in the future – which doesn’t look to be too far ahead! Therefore, the fact that Californians have easy, year-round access to this infinite, free energy is alone reason enough to adopt it.

It has been established that enough solar radiation is released on the earth every single day of the year to empower the entire race of modern humans for ages. Keep in mind that we are talking about a single day’s worth of solar energy powering us for decades, to get an estimate of the power that we can have access to.

Of course, there needs to be a huge change in infrastructure, and our current capacity to convert solar energy into electricity needs to improve astronomically for us to take advantage of even a fraction of that power, but it isn’t impossible at all.