Here’s Why You Parker House is the Best Furniture Company

Having the most luxurious furniture pieces is every homeowner’s dream. Unfortunately, not many brands are intricate with detailing, quality, and aesthetics. But one company that stands out amongst the competition is Parker House. Creating exquisite products for over 70 years, Parker knows how to make home dwellers happy by enhancing their way of life. Top-grain […]

The Advantages of Flat Pack Furniture

Even if you’ve never heard the term “flat pack,” you know what it means: furniture that you buy unassembled and comes delivered to you in a flat, tightly packed box. Popularized by IKEA and taking the internet by storm, flat pack furniture is everywhere — but is it stylish, and should you bother buying any […]

Is a Corner Sofa Always a Good Choice?

“Get yourself a corner sofa” is the general advice you’ll hear when you talk about buying furniture you should get for your home. Corner sofas are versatile, space-saving furniture that will fit your room better than any other sofa in most cases. There are a few instances that corner sofas are not the best idea […]