Apartment Living: Doubling Up on Room Functionality and Why it is Really Not That Bad

We seem to have finally accepted the idea that easy living is not about grandiose dining rooms, immense back gardens and countless other rooms that more often than not are rarely used. In the time-poor world of the 21st century, very few of us have the inclination to manage a stately home when we can live in a much more versatile, open-plan space in the city – close to work and the buzz that only somewhere like Edinburgh can offer.

While apartment living can be exciting and relatively low maintenance, it does require homeowners (or those renting a space) to think a little smarter about the rooms they have at their disposal.

The concept of double-duty rooms may be off putting for some, but with the right know-how your home will remain clutter free and just as spacious as homes twice its size. Not only that, smaller spaces mean spending less time on household chores and less money on energy bills. With a little imagination and a savvy eye for design, we don’t think there’s any need to swap a functional and stylish apartment space for a draughy old detached in the sticks.

More and more apartments are designed with open plan living in mind. Kitchen, dining room and lounging space all flow into one another, making a home feel instantly more spacious – and making hosting a large group a doddle.

What furniture will you need?

A long narrow fold out table pushed against the living room wall, can be used as a dining area, studio and office space depending on your needs. Attach shelves above the table and you have yourself a place to store plates and cutlery, or books and office supplies Alternatively, hide the office behind shutter doors in a repurposed wardrobe and stack all the necessary items on racks above the computer. Whenever you need a break, you are only ever a few steps away from the cosy couch and its welcoming pillows.

If at all possible, the bedroom should only be used for its primary function, to sleep. This may seem inefficient in terms of multifunctional space however this also means that the majority of clutter can be removed from little bedrooms. With a mountain of research showing that using a daytime space for sleeping can significantly impact quality of sleep, this is one area you don’t want to mess with.

However, corridor space can be used for extra storage or a beauty station. Hovering shelves or drawers can be used as a discreet make up stand that does not harbour unnecessary floor space.


Feel that you want to divide areas of your apartment off without building entire walls? Stand alone book shelves, plants or dividers can be used to divide up different areas in a more subtle, fluid fashion.

Playing around with the layout of your furniture can transform a simple room into a stylish multi-purpose space. Think about creating a ‘wise corner’ in your kitchen by installing a couple of shelves with your favourite books just above an armchair. Add a couple of modern wall racks for your cookery guides, mix them with supports for wines and spirits and your modern library is complete.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to apartment living. Treat your home as a blank canvas bursting with opportunity and let your imagination run wild as you plan out your layout.

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