The Perfect Collection of Sunglasses for Every Outfit

Don’t you love getting a brand new pair of sunglasses?

Figuring out what outfit to wear them with, accessorizing them, etc.

We’re here to enlighten you today and let you know what type of sunglasses will go with each outfit perfectly.

There are definitely seasonal sunglasses styles – don’t you think?

When I think sunglasses, I think summer.

But, there are definitely styles that look better with a sweater, boots and jeans.

Some people think that the simpler sunglass styles look better in the fall and winter, because you’re wearing more clothes.

You wouldn’t want to overpower your outfit, now would you?

Summer allows for more sunglass-freedom-of-expression, if you will.

I know I purchase more fun styles of sunglasses for the summer months:

Boats, pool parties, etc.; you have to have the cutest sunglasses!

We have outfit ideas for all the most popular sunglass styles; read on to get some outfit inspo!



Wayfarers were made popular in the 80s.

When I think wayfarers, I automatically think:

Ray Bans.

I’m sure you do, too.

Ray Bans pretty much dominate the sunglass market.

Another classic style that looks good on absolutely everyone.

Wayfarers are a style that I think of for fall and winter, since they are simple, yet classic.

Wear with your best comfy oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and sneakers for a laid-back outfit.

Or, pair with a leather jacket, black jeans and booties for a sleek ‘fit for happy hour with your girls.



I’m pretty sure everyone has a pair of Aviator sunglasses in their repertoire.

They are the perfect addition to any outfit: summer, fall, winter or spring.

You can even decorate aviators online!

A trend right now in college is to get sorority sunglasses to wear to sorority events:

You can put sorority letters on the bottom of the lens to make for a cute, yet simple, addition.

Not only that, but you can also put your initials if you like.

Once you have your decorated aviators, wear them with a sundress, maxi dress or maxi skirt.

This sunglass style is an effortless summer look, that will look amazing with your best dress!


Retro Sunglasses: Round and Square

You all know the round retro sunglasses.

C’mon, you know the ones.

They are the style John Lennon used to rock back in the day.

These are probably my favorite type of sunglass style right now.

They are so cute, simple, and stylish.

Pair these with your favorite comfy sweater, jeans, and Docs:

Such an easy, casual work or school outfit.



The cateye style is pretty self-explanatory.

These sunglasses usually look great with a retro outfit.

Big skirt, 60s-looking outfit; if you really want to go all out.

If you want to keep it classic, pair with a white tee and jeans with some red lipstick and you automatically look more fashionable than everyone you will see on the street today.

You can also pair the cateye sunglasses with a cute tropical vacation outfit:

Straw hat, bright colors, and a fun bag.

After all, vacation is the time to go all out, right?


Browline/Clubmaster/Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Geez, enough names?

These are the sunglasses that basically look good on everybody.

They feature a half frame on the top, with the bottom of the glasses rimless.

Many of these styles of Ray Bans have a tortoise shell top frame and are just so dang cute.

You can wear this style with pretty much any outfit and they look superb.

Pair with a cozy fall outfit (especially the tortoise shell ones) and boots.

You can also wear these in the summer, with your bathing suit, cover-up, and a big floppy hat!



This is a sunglasses style that I associate with my mom –

These are her favorite style, and they look good with pretty much anything she wears.

They are oversized, bold, and dramatic:

A style that looks highly glamorous.

Think New York Fashion Week.

Butterfly sunglasses can be worn with a preppy outfit:

Collared shirt, jeans, and flats.

Or wear with your cutest high-fashion ensemble.


Sunglass styles are versatile, and there isn’t one style that can be worn with just one look.

There are many that look good on lots of people, leaving room to pair them with any outfit of any season.