Mattress – A Useful stuff That You Should Have In Your Bedroom

Mattress comes in our mind when you feel sleepy. A comfortable bed is always a desired stuff for anyone. And a good and comfortable bed helps you in many ways. You know, we spend a third of our total lifespan on a bed. Additionally, a good bed has many benefits to our lifestyle. For example, if have a nice sleep at night, you get a fresh mind and body in the morning. Proper sleep lets you have both mental and physical freshness. Along with these, a proper night sleep has many other advantages too such as –

  1. It lets you have a healthy and active heart
  2. It increases your attention ability and creativity
  3. It gives you relief from back pain
  4. It helps to achieve your goal by removing drowsiness
  5. It keeps your mind fresh which is necessary for leading a great life
  6. It keeps the depression away from you
  7. It lets you enjoy your life properly, and many more.

So, I think you know the importance of having a sound sleep. But remember, for having a sound sleep, you need a comfortable bed. And for the comfortable bed, you need a good mattress as the mattress is so comfortable and adorable. A good mattress ensures your proper sleep and takes care of your health. But note that, picking up a mattress for better sleep is not too easy, it’s very subjective. That’s because there are various kinds of mattress available on the market with various materials and structures.

You should choose carefully the mattress you need. Here, we mentioned some major types of the mattress so that you can pick the right one for you and it can be the right companion for you at your sleeping time.

Innerspring Mattress:

An innerspring mattress is a most common and most popular mattress available nowadays. In this mattress, there is a steel coil support system. And you may find several types of coil systems. The coil design, shape and number can vary on a different mattress. These types of mattresses are covered with padding. The padding has an upper layer made of fiber or foam materials. Remember, the more the number of coils is, the better support you get from your mattress.

Hybrid Mattress:

A luxury hybrid mattress is the new generation mattress which is made of two layers. This is the upgraded version of an innerspring mattress. In a hybrid mattress, there is steel coil support as same as an innerspring mattress. Along with the coil support, the hybrid mattress has one or more layer of foam outside. You may find various mattresses of various foam types such as polyurethane, latex or viscoelastic. In several times, gel or other components are found in the foam to make the mattress more comfortable.

Pillow Top Mattress:

Pillow top mattress is typical mattress type and it has additional upholstery layer onto the mattress. On the top side of this mattress, pillows are placed. And this layer is made of several types of foam, fiber or other material. This mattress is commonly used everywhere. But please note that, if you have back pain, then you should sleep without a pillow. This method helps to relieve the back pain.

Gel Mattress:

Gel mattress is another new generation mattress which uses gel for supporting instead of steel coils support. This mattress has advanced technology. The gel is placed in the mattress by using different technologies and in both support and upholstery section, the gel is used for. This mattress is made for giving better sleeping experience by providing more comfort, feel and heat dissipation feature! Yes, you heard it right. This advanced mattress has heat dissipation feature for extreme comfort.

Special Foam Mattress:

Unlike Innerspring mattress or gel mattress, this mattress contains foam support. Various foam types are found such as polyurethane, latex or viscoelastic. There are two sections in a mattress and in this mattress, both sections are made of foams. Sometimes you may find mattresses that have gel in the upholstery section which works as like as gel mattress and able to dissipate the heat for more comfort.

Latex Mattress:

In the latex mattress, there is latex foam as a support system. Besides, in the upholstery section, there is latex foam too. The latex foams are mainly made from plant or petroleum based elements. This mattress is able to present you a nice and comfortable sleeping stuff at night.

Memory Foam Mattress:

In the memory foam mattress, there is high-density polyurethane foam found as the support system. And as like as latex foam, high-density foam is used in both support and upholstery section. And the foam contours to the sleeper shape closely, that’s why this mattress is so popular.

Here are the major mattress types. Hope, you have decided which mattress will suit your most and provide you the best effort. Good luck.