Manly and Proud: How to Prepare a House for a Perfect Date

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A night out with someone special is an experience to remember. You could be at the bar drinking with her, or you could be at the movies together, watching that cheesy chick flick. All of those are perfect ways for you and your lady to bond.

However, why not go the extra mile and spend time in a more special place? You may ask, what place is more special than the bar or the theater? The simple answer to that question is your very own house. Show your girl that she matters by letting her into your home. Not only are you letting her inside your house, but you are also essentially letting her enter your life.

A lady will feel very special because of this noble deed. A lot of men are afraid of this commitment and tend to shy away from activities like this. But if you are serious about your relationship there is no need to fret because this action can be a sign of commitment. Women will take it as a move of sincerity.

For guys who commit, they should be aware that their homes must be spotless down to the last part to impress his lady. Would you want your girl to see that horrible stain on that carpet? Or would you rather let her see that stash of porn you “cleverly” hid underneath the mattress of your single bed frame?

In this article, we will provide you tips to help you build your shabby home into a castle fit for romance and lovemaking. A warning before you proceed, some of these tips require you to do them beforehand. Keep in mind that a visit to your home isn’t supposed to be a spur of the moment decision.


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Always go out for groceries beforehand if you want her to come over. A good way to show your lady some love is by treating her to the fresh produce in your fridge. Or better yet, why don’t you prepare a cheap but lovely dinner? That would be a splendid idea to spend the evening with her.

A rude thing to do is to let her sip some leftover wine from yesterday’s drinking session. Show her that you care by going the extra mile. Keep in mind; groceries aren’t limited to food and drinks. Toilet papers, scented candles, soaps, and everything else that you might need on that particular night must also be present.


Always spend extra time in cleaning up the mess in your room. Yes, your girlfriend can understand that you live alone, but you are trying to impress her right? Clean up every mess you find. That way, you might find a lot of things hidden. Remember that porn stash mentioned earlier?

Arrange your furniture neatly and creatively. These hidden things are quite easy to forget. Don’t let that become a problem when your cuddling because it could be a real mood breaker. Also being clean would show what personality you have and how you present yourself.


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Set the mood appropriately. If your girl is into loud music, then, by all means, go for that look. However, you should be the one who sets the tone. Usually, a guy opts for a more calm and romantic feel. Be safe and go for this.

If you have a coffee table, you can place a bunch of pillows around it and you will surely have a cozy dinner table for your date.

Dim the lights down. Use scented candles to add to the serenity. You might think that this is pretty cliché, but there is a reason why movies use this: It works.  Any activity after dinner is also a good idea. A movie is a good move as it could provide a chance to cuddle with your sweetheart. Horror films and dramas are a good choice.


When you’ve followed all the steps above, then it’s time to relax. This peace and satisfaction are what you were after in the first place. Enjoy your craft with your special someone and savor the moment. Chances are, your lady will love everything you’ve done and reciprocate your efforts. A good seat on that soft sofa bed in the living room can make all the difference in bringing in the mood. Online sources such as Focus on Furniture provide quality sofa beds.

Alternatively, You can set up a small table at your garden and unwind together. It will give you the feeling as if you are eating in an outdoor garden cafe.

Who knows, maybe one day, she’ll be the one inviting you over for dinner date and some private moments together.


Women deserve a lot more from their man. A better way to show that to her is by inviting her into your home. For a man, it may look like an ordinary visit. But for a lady, it can be more than just a visit. It’s a chance to step closer to the life of her man.

Guys should take this as an advantage and go all out to impress his woman. Going the extra mile such as getting fresh groceries cleaning up, and investing in high-quality furniture shows dedication and love. It shows that a guy cares for her. On the night of the date, a guy shouldn’t stop working to satisfy his lady. He can light candles to set the mood, and he can also prepare a hearty meal for her.

When it’s all said and done, guys can finally take a breath and enjoy everything they worked hard for with their special someone.