The Beautiful is Always Bizarre: 5 Weirdest Travel Destinations You Should Know

There is something about weird places that we always enjoy. After all, the reasons why many of us love to travel is that we like ourselves to get baffled, surprised, and shocked. To go to foreign places and feed our curiosity by the strange and the unusual are the motives that support our hunger for traveling.   

This weirdness that you feast your eyes on while traveling comes in various guises. It can be unique attractions, or it can be quirks of culture. Some are natural while others are man-made. And, in some cases, it can be a complete puzzle to those people who claim it as their own. Many weird things in this world are worth discovering for.

Less known or unknown, some places offer destinations that are unique for vacations. If you want to get away from the ordinary and the usual, you can go and discover these weird pieces of heaven on earth.

Get Well-Amazed by Thor’s Well in Oregon, USA

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Also known as the drain pipe of the Pacific, Thor’s Well is a hole in the rock that mimics a water drainage from the ocean. It is only around 20 feet deep, but it can produce amazing sights at certain times of the year.

In rough conditions, when there are high tides and storms, for example, the surf rushes into the gaping hole and then surges upwards with extraordinary force. During these outburst of torrents, spectators near the area run the risk of being swept right into the hole.

Regardless of the danger, it is a favorite place for travelers, photographers, and tourists who like to witness the unusual gift of nature. You can view Thor’s Well by taking the Captain Cook Trail, but stay well back from the hole for your safety.

Get Reeled by the Weird Heights of Tianzi Mountains in China

Located northwest of Hunan Province in China, these astounding limestone pinnacles are green-draped with trees and often shrouded in mist. It is a stunning and strange view to behold because the peaks rise one after another like enormous, natural skyscrapers towering over the forests.

Also known as the Monarch of the Peak Forest, Tianzi Mountains cover an area of 67 kilometers, and the highest peak stands at 1,262 meters (4,140 feet) above sea level.

There is a cable car that travels as far as Huangshi village for you to spectate the breathtaking sights of the mountains, which are the inspiration for the floating mountains behind the movie Avatar.

Astonish Yourself with the Dumbfounding Nazca Lines of Peru

In the Peruvian Desert, around 200 miles south of Lima, there is a plain between the Nazca and Inca Valleys. Across this plain, which measures 37 miles long and 1-mile wide, there is a miscellany of symmetrical lines, some running parallel, others intersecting, that forms geometric shapes and animal figures.

Now, how these shapes and figures etched by the ancient Nazca peoples are still one of South America’s greatest mysteries. There are many theories about the purpose behind the creation of  Nazca Lines. Some explorers conclude it’s an ancient astronomical observatory. Others say the lines are shrines for worship and meditation.  

All these theories aside, it is great to see the Nazca Lines and amazed yourself with this ancient artifact. You can best appreciate the lines by viewing it from the air, or from a view tower on the side of the highway.

Get Awed by Lake Hillier in Western Australia

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From a distance, Lake Hillier appears like a swath of solid pink bubble gum. Go near to it, the color takes on a translucent and watery quality, but remains unmistakably pink. The stunning lake was discovered in 1802 on the largest of the islands of Recherche Archipelago.

According to scientists, the lake keeps its pink color all year-round because of its high salt content combined with the presence of an algae species known as Dunaliella salina and pink-colored bacteria known as halobacteria.

Though the lake has a strange color, the water in it is not toxic. So you can take a dip and enjoy the pink-colored water of the lake. However, if you want to take in the grand and unusual beauty of it, it is advisable that you do it from the air. There are many helicopters and services in Australia such as MicroFlite for you to take a bird’s eye view of the lake.

Get Wowed by the Surreal Socotra Island in Yemen

Considered as the most alien-looking place on Earth, Socotra is a remote island which looks like a set for a science fiction film. Socotra boasts of its incredible and unique biodiversity, and you can find in it 800 rare species of flora and fauna, around a third of it cannot be found elsewhere on the planet.

The island’s harsh environment contain wide sandy beaches, towering mountains, limestone caves, and a bizarre assortment of plants.


It is always fun and exciting to see the strange beauty of the Earth. For sure, there are many places the world has to offer that is far different from the usual. Travel to the sites such as Thor’s Well in Oregon, Tianzi Mountains in China, Nazca Lines of Peru, and Lake Hillier in Australia, to get yourself a different dose of experience of the Earth’s natural wonder.