Is it Possible to Build a Small Garden Waterfall? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at home, you might be wondering what you could do to improve this outdoor space. From patios and decking to gorgeous flowers and even vegetables, there is a lot you can do to a garden, big or small. One feature that has been popular with many homeowners is a pond or water feature. The sound of running water is very relaxing, and it complements the surrounding nature. In particular, waterfalls can be wonderfully dramatic water features, and they can be put into smaller gardens, too. Here are some things you will need to keep in mind if you do have a small garden and have been thinking about adding a waterfall feature to it.


No matter what you’re thinking about putting into your garden, it’s always important to carefully consider where to position it. If you only have a small space to work with, building your waterfall right in the middle isn’t the best idea. You might not be able to build a big waterfall feature, but one that sits neatly in the corner of your garden is probably for the best. If you wanted to turn it into the main feature in the garden, consider having a stream running the perimeter through the flowerbeds and pots, looping back around to your waterfall.


When thinking of a waterfall, you might see pictures of trees, rocks, and ferns framing cascading water. This is how natural waterfalls appear, but that doesn’t mean you have to recreate your garden’s same look. If your garden has a more manicured, contemporary look, choosing a waterfall design that matches this is a good idea. From water flowing out from a slate wall or sculpted levels that let the water elegantly fall from one to the other. Many of these designs might be better suited for a smaller garden, but you can still choose a more natural look by building a rockery around your waterfall.


Once you have settled on the design and position of your waterfall for your small garden, the next step is getting the right equipment to build it. Finding the best pump for your water feature is essential, as this will help keep it working properly. You will also need to purchase lining and a pond filter to stop debris from blocking the pump as well as keeping your water clean. You can find both of these things at any garden centre or specialist sellers like


Finally, remember that you will have to keep up with the maintenance of your waterfall to keep it looking great and working. You should think about this carefully before you start building a waterfall in your garden, and consider if your small outdoor area will be big enough to do this kind of work with ease.

Waterfalls are lovely features to have, and they can look great in both large and small gardens. All you need to decide is whether you can commit to the upkeep and find the style that suits you.