How is Making Waves in Christian Apps is the world’s number one app in Faith and Lifestyle on both the Google and Apple stores. But what makes this app so great? Why does it have so many accolades and major supporters?

Aside from being lightweight, well-designed, and exactly what digital worshippers need, the app also includes some tasty extras that other apps simply don’t have. When you’re stuck at home or simply looking for a more convenient way to worship, Pray is the resource for you.

Every prayer web site has its own style and approach to the faith and the Bible, and Pray’s is practical and straightforward. We’re going to take a look at how this app is making waves and what features it has to offer the digital Christian community.

The James Earl Jones Audio Bible

Sign up for a premium membership with Pray, and you’ll get access to the crown jewel of Pray’s features: a full-length audio Bible read by none other than the legendary James Earl Jones himself. The voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa takes on the Bible with the same fervor and dedication that the actor is known for in his movie roles.

Jones characterizes and narrates the Bible with such elegance and acting prowess that the disc version has sold over half a million copies worldwide. While the disc version may be going out of style, you can still find it on Amazon for about $23-$25.

But who wants to mess around with compact discs when you can listen to the recordings from the convenience of your phone or tablet? With a subscription to Pray, you’ll get just that and more. Don’t miss out on one of the world’s most compelling and well-produced audio bibles.

Bible Stories

Few apps offer Bible bedtime stories read aloud or any Bible stories, for that matter. Reading, recording, and producing such projects takes time, effort, and plenty of money, but Pray has made the investment. The app includes dozens of the greatest stories from the Bible, narrated by various storytellers for maximum effect.

Maybe you don’t like to read, or you need something more understandable for the kids. Or, maybe you just prefer the sound of a human voice telling a compelling story. Either way, Pray has one of the most extensive collections of audio Bible stories of any prayer app.

Daily Prayers

This is a prayer app, so it only makes sense that you’d get prayers with your Bible stories and audio Bible. Each day, you’ll notice a new prayer on your app interface. You can listen to the prayer aloud or read it to yourself. This helps to keep things fresh, especially when you’ve been praying for years. 

You can also create prayer requests if you need a specific prayer, and pray for others directly within the app.

Social Connection

The Pray app was unlike any other prayer app for its ambition to bring together the community under one single platform. Pray was designed to act as a faith-based social media platform, connecting religious leaders with their congregants and congregants with each other. This unique and powerful feature is a large part of why Pray has been so wildly popular in recent years.

Looking to connect with your local church? Meet other Christians to discuss beliefs or study the Bible? The platform is perfect for both of these and more. It doesn’t have the weight and privacy issues as sites like Facebook, and the app is strictly geared toward Christians instead of a wider audience.


Samuel Rodriguez is one of the country’s most influential and well-known pastors, with thousands of readers and listeners across the nation. He’s sold millions of books and reached millions of people via his website, YouTube channel, and now, through the Pray app.

With a premium subscription to Pray, you can get access to Rodriguez’s best sermons at the touch of a button. Pastor Sam brings a cool, collected, but passionate attitude to the stage, and everything he says resonates with the believer in all of us. It’s nice to see such an influential Christian leader finding a home on one of the most widely-used prayer apps in the world.

Get The App Today is truly one of the best prayer apps out there today, and with a #1 rating, it’s easy to see why. The app is loaded with extra features, prayer app essentials, and a unique social feature that truly puts it into a league of its own. Whether you’re part of a congregation or not, you’ll feel right at home in Pray’s faith-based community, and you can find local groups to link up with.

Send, save, and share prayers, submit prayer requests, and much more. Can your prayer app do that?