Important Reminders for after Your New Flooring Is Installed

Most of the time, we only prepare for the pre-installation work without considering taking precautions after the installation work, even though they both have the same importance. The professionals will be able to take care of your flooring needs before and during the installation, but you will be left with the aftercare.

Below are some of the important points you need to consider after the installation of your new flooring has been done.

Carpet flooring

Once the carpet has been successfully installed in your house, you must make sure that there is enough airflow in your house that will help remove airborne materials that accumulated during the installation.

Vacuum cleaning is advised because it can help you remove the debris and loose fibres that were left over. You also have to shampoo the space regularly to ensure that the carpet fibres are in good condition. Prevent spills as much as you can, but when they do happen, wash the carpet as soon as you can to prevent any stains.

Tile flooring

As soon as the installation is finished, wipe off all debris using a damp cloth. Sweep and also mop the floor on a regular basis to maintain its shine and beauty. Seal the grout layers too, to ensure that moisture will not leak to the subfloor.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring may require special maintenance, and it is necessary to make sure that it will last a long time. Sweep the floor regularly and make sure that it will not be scratched by any of your furniture. Keep water away from wood because it will immediately damage it.

Use a wood flooring cleaner every month, and you may also need to apply a maintenance coat every 3 to 5 years.

Laminate and vinyl flooring

Clean up the debris left from the installation. Sweep and mop your floor regularly. If you are using water resistant flooring, you may not need to worry so much about spills, but just make sure that the floor will not be exposed to large amounts of water for a long period of time.

Also, make sure that it is not directly affected by sunlight as this may cause your flooring to curl. Use protective pads for your furniture to prevent it from scratching your newly installed laminate vinyl flooring.

Stone flooring

When caring for your stone flooring, you have to use mild soaps like detergents that are formulated for calciferous stone. Do not use anything that has acid in it because it may cause discolouration and etching. Wipe up spills and debris as soon as you can and ensure that you sweep and mop your floor on a regular basis.

Each type of flooring needs to be maintained and cared for to ensure that it will be durable and still be pleasing to the eye. Research proper cleaning techniques right before the installation occurs. By cleaning it on a regular basis and proceeding with the maintenance necessary, after a couple of years, your flooring will still look as good as brand-new.