Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures – New Bathroom Interior Trends

When you want to upgrade the look of your shower, or you want to add a new one, the choices can be complicated. Also, it doesn’t even help that there are tons of options to select from.

However, there are some key factors to put into consideration before getting your desired type of glass enclosure.

  • The space between your shower and other fixtures in the bathroom
  • The precise measurement of your shower space.
  • How much time you are willing to invest in cleaning and maintenance.
  • If it’s the perfect pick for your lifestyle.
  • Lastly, if it’s within your budget.

After carefully answering these questions, sincerely, it makes a choice less complicated and more narrowed down. 

Frameless shower enclosure

Using a frameless shower enclosure is a trending route that almost everyone seems to want. And it’s not difficult to imagine why. The reason is that it effortlessly helps to showcase intricate tile designs and the outlook of your bathroom.

Frameless shower enclosure uses a sturdy tempered glass, that doesn’t require any metal protection at the edge to stand on its own. Although, one thing to keep in mind is that a frameless shower door includes some metals, that is, the hinges, clips, and handles. Except for that, it is generally metal-free.

Concerning the price, the cost of frameless shower doors is twice the cost of the metal-enclosed model.

Semi-frameless shower enclosure

If you love and desire the exquisite look of a frameless shower enclosure, but your wallet/layout doesn’t agree with you, a semi-frameless shower enclosure is an excellent alternative. Before getting one, look out for those with high-quality components like solid handles and permanently bonded hinges.

Framed shower doors

Framed shower doors can also be as eye-catching as frameless shower enclosures. The fact that it is framed doesn’t make it less beautiful or attractive. So many framed door models are chic ad sturdy. It most times comes with heavy-duty aluminum, which adds to its support and strength. The durability of framed shower doors cannot be over-emphasized, provided you make necessary enquires before purchase to get a high-quality model.

Sliding doors

The space of your bathroom doesn’t have to be a hindering factor in getting a beautiful shower door. We have already established that the layout of your bathroom plays a vital role in the type of shower doors to get. Sliding doors are a perfect choice for small bathrooms with tightly closed fixtures. Alternatively, it is a logical choice for tub enclosures.

Pivoting shower doors

Most times, it is often referred to as swinging or hinged doors, that’s because it opened like a standard door. When installed in any bathroom, it creates a sophisticated look, and in many cases, it is used in the master suite.

Before buying a pivoting shower door, enlist the help of a professional to measure your space. That way, you would know if there is enough space between the shower fixtures and the fully opened door.

Textured Glass finishes

This is perfect if you want to maintain privacy. Also, it is easier to clean than the typical clear-glass shower doors.

Alternative to glass

While it may seem essential at first, glass is not always the best choice of material for shower doors. Acrylic sheets not only match the properties of glass in several areas, but they also have many additional benefits in terms of creativity and cost.

Firstly, Acrylic sheets are around 50% lighter than glass, meaning that cutting and fitting are far easier. Like glass, acrylic is completely moisture-resistant and hygienic, but it is also stronger and shatter proof, making it much less likely to break. Best of all, Acrylic is much cheaper, allowing your budget to be spend on other aspects of your upgrade.