5 Ways to Find the Best Internet Service Provider

Trying to find the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your needs can be a challenging task, especially when you are dealing with bundles, packages, speed, and confusing contracts with lots of fine print. It all gets overwhelming. 

Here are five ways to find the best internet service provider:

1. Shop Around

Do your research and compare plans between internet service providers in your area. You can find the best internet service provider on internetadvisor.com. After searching all each provider and list the information each company gives you so you can see it on paper. Here are items that you need to consider when looking at finding the best ISP for your needs:

  • Speed – you want to be concerned with their download speeds, and that it’s fast enough for your needs. Also, see how close your home is to their main office, if you are a further distance you might end up with slower internet speed. 
  • Data caps – does the company put a cap on how much data can be downloaded monthly? This would be a negative factor, primarily if you use Netflix or other streaming services regularly. 
  • Additional Fees – some internet service providers will require you to rent a modem or router from their company, while others might provide the equipment. In most cases, this is a hidden fee that they don’t want to tell you about, so make sure to ask about additional cost before signing any contract.
  • Introductory deals – double check that the price there telling you about isn’t an inductor deal. If it is, ask when the rate adjusts and the cost of the regular price, so you aren’t surprised when your bill goes up substantially in 3 months. 
  • Bundle – if you are using the company for television, and home phone, ask about a better rate if you bundle all the items together.

2. Availability

If you live in a rural area, this is the most significant deciding factor, and you might not have many options as far as selecting an internet service provider goes. You need to search to see what internet service providers are available in your area and what service options are available in that area,  such as satellite internet, or some broadband. 

3. Cost 

The best internet service provider for you has to offer you the best service and at the most reasonable price. There has to be an excellent balance between speed provided and rate. Does the provider also provide you bundle options that will help save you money in the long run? If you have a few providers in your area, compare what each if offering in terms of a package. Maybe if there’s just a slight difference in price, you might want to consider the higher priced package because you are getting the best offer. 

4. Connection Types

The connection type of your internet can determine the speed. There are four different connection types:

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – this is delivered to your house through an already existing telephone line. It’s usually the least expensive form of broadband internet available. 
  • Cable internet – this service is delivered to your home through your cable service. Cable service has a higher speed than DSL. With cable service, though, you are sharing with other people in your neighborhood, which can make it much slower during peak times. 
  •  Satellite internet  – this is delivered to your home through your internet service, and it is usually a slower service. 
  • Fibre – optic internet – is available in only some areas, and becoming more popular. Fiber-optic is relatable to DSL service, but offers the fastest speeds. If available in your area, the prices are comparable to DSL service, and you are just getting a better rate. 

5. Reliability

You want a reliable internet service provider. Having unreliable internet is a pain and very stressful.  Reliability and customer service go hand in hand, and you want to be dealing with a provider that practices excellent customer service with their clients and can help you when something goes wrong with your internet connection. 

Do your due diligence when you are searching for an internet service provider, and you should be happy with the overall service that is being offered.