Exploring the Benefits of Weightlifting as Exposed by a Seasoned Bodybuilder

Currently, in most gyms, you would be finding a variety of cardio machines which would be aiming to promote and boost cardiovascular health and enhance overall fitness. When individuals are aspiring to lose weight they would be jumping on the cross trainers and treadmills hoping that sweating would help them lose fat. These people simply are undermining the role of resistance training. Weightlifting could be the right choice for you if you are looking for a fit and healthy body. However, motivation and dedication are important aspects of bodybuilding. You must understand why weightlifting is such a valuable addition to your way of life. Here are some unanticipated advantages of weightlifting that may leave you amazed.

Post Workout Burn

Your body is known to burn calories after you indulge in a strict workout regimen. However, with weight training, you would see that your body would go on burning calories even up to 36 hours post the completion of your workout routine. This is primarily because of the fact that resistance training boosts your metabolism. As such, even after you have completed your weight training regimen, you would go on enjoying the benefits from the impact of your weightlifting for more than one and half days after your workout session. Checkout the steroids anabolic for sale.

Helps to Enhance Lean Muscle Mass

Weightlifting boosts lean muscle mass that enhances the resting metabolic rate, and most importantly helps in transforming your body shape allowing you to concentrate on precise areas. Cardio training could be helping you in losing weight but weight loss would be coming from a blend of muscle and fat. So, when you tend to lose muscle, the resting metabolic rate would be dropping along with your capacity to burn increased fat while resting. So, weightlifting is better than just cardio training in terms of building lean muscle mass.

EnhanceBone Health

A sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity could adversely impact bone health. You would be developing several bone associated issues such as arthritis, brittle bones, joint pains etc. due to lack of proper exercise. Physical exercise and increased physical activity could enhance bone health. Research has revealed that weight resistance training would be providing mechanical loading necessary for enhancing it by boosting bone density. Both weight training and cardio could be providing your bones with this mechanical loading. However, advanced research demonstrates and reiterates weight training has a deep site-specific impact than cardio training.

EnhancesHeart Health

Your heart muscle must be special because of its function, its role in circulating blood all around your body. The blood is known to provide your entire body with the necessary nutrients and with oxygen. We are aware that weight training and cardio training are both responsible for improving the key factors that impact heart health including weight control, blood pressure, cardiovascular function, muscular strength, coronary risk factors, metabolism, and endurance.


Weightlifting enhances your sleep, posture, and definitely, your energy levels. Besides the physiological, strength, and aesthetic advantages, it has an immense impact on how you feel and the way you think clearly.