Everything About Corner Sofa Beds You Need to Know

The concept of a corner sofa bed has grown in popularity because it can lend elegance to your home. You can be assured that corner sofa beds are very versatile, and they will give you both functionality and comfort.

How to choose the perfect corner sofa bed

  1. Match it with your lifestyle. Choose the design, colour and pattern depending on your habits and your situation. If you are just starting a family or if you have small children, for example, you might be better off with dark colours like brown or black so that stains won’t easily be seen.  
  2. Match it with your other furniture. Pick out a corner sofa bed that will harmonise well with your other furniture. Going with neutral colours might be best so that it will be easier. Decide on the number of pieces you want depending on the space you have at home. As with all furniture you have, it is crucial to know the best way to clean and maintain it. Making it last as long as possible will save you a lot of money.

Steps to clean your corner sofa bed

  1. Remove the cushions and the throw pillows. Fluff the pillows and shake off any particles that are clinging to them. Set them aside so that you have plenty of room to work on your sofa bed.
  2. Root around your sofa and fish out all those loose coins and small toys. Pick them out by hand.
  3. Fold out the bed and get a vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly go over every inch of the sofa bed.
  4. Use a stiff-bristled brush for any of the hardened dirt that doesn’t easily come off. But be extra careful not to brush too hard. Abrasive movement might permanently damage your sofa bed.
  5. Use a damp cloth and run it over your sofa bed or take a sponge and dip in a soap-water solution.
  6. Allow it to thoroughly dry then fold it back. Don’t forget the underside of the sofa. Dust and dirt will most likely be found under your sofa bed
  7. Run another damp cloth over the legs of the sofa bed.
  8. For stubborn stains that won’t come off, you can try DIY cleaning solutions, or you can call in expert sofa cleaners to do the job for you.
  9. To maintain your sofa bed, you must buy additional things like fabric shampoo or specific leather cleaner and conditioner. This will ensure that your sofa bed will not get damaged. Too often, the reason that sofa beds don’t last long is that harsh cleaning agents are used to get the dirt and stains out of the cushions. Don’t fall into the same trap; purchase the necessary accoutrements to avoid destroying your perfectly good sofa bed.
  10. Secret tip: Put on slipcovers. Have at least 3 sets on hand so that you have a replacement once you place it in the wash.

With these things in mind, you will have a lasting sofa bed that boasts elegance and functionality.