Craft Ideas that Anyone Can Make

A rainy day or a bad cold may prevent you from getting outside and you feel like you are losing all the fun. Well, if you feel artsy enough, you will never get bored at home, always getting new ideas to help you nurture your creativity and talent. In case you just want to do it to distract your little one and boost their imagination, these craft ideas will definitely be efficient. offers plenty of paper craft ideas which are meant to materialize one’s imagination. In this way, you will be able to prove you have talent and an eye for art. Make sure you purchase all the materials needed and you will have fun inside with your children or relatives’ kids. Even if paper is the most basic item you could use when crafting, you can obtain incredible decorations.

  • Paper Kites

This is an easy paper craft, being an incredible alternative when you prepare a family party and you do not have balloons to decorate the room. You can fold colored paper and obtain some beautiful kites that can be hung from a ceiling or a tree in the garden. Your little ones will be thrilled to help you make these decorations.

  • Paper Dogwood Flowers

A nice way to enjoy spring the whole year is by crafting these beauties. When you make paper dogwood flowers using white paper you will refresh the décor in your house. Furthermore, they are very easy to make. Ask your kids’ help when folding the white paper to obtain the flowers. Then, use some branches with green leaves and stick the paper flowers. They will look great if you hang them on the wall.

  • Recycled Tin Can Windsocks

If you have some empty tin cans, you can use them to make some incredible decorations. Bring some color in your garden and develop these windsocks. You will need some ribbons, glue, paint and recycled cans. Paint the cans in your favorite color and then use some glue to stick colorful ribbon around the can. This nice craft will develop a useless can into a colorful windsock.

  • Tie Dye Sharpie Bookmark

When you are a booklover, you know that you cannot say that you have enough bookmarks. You can now develop your own. You will need rubbing alcohol, paper and some sharpies. Use as many colors as you’d like. The alcohol that you put on the paper will create the look of tie dye. This will look spectacular, complementing your colorful imagination.

  • Paper Flowers Fasteners

Are you tired of offering gift bags that cannot keep the surprise inside? Now you can make your own paper flower fasteners. These are perfect for gift bags and envelops and they add whimsy and a little bit of mystery. You should use specialty craft punches to cut from card stock. In this way, you will be able to botanical embellishments that you could use to decorate your gift bags. Use some silk beading cord to sew the fasteners on and it is all set.

  • DIY Key Windchime

Now all your old keys will find a new purpose. Ask your kids to help you paint the keys in vivid colors. Then, pick a stick and use some string to hang the keys on it. Make sure you also tie a longer string from that stick to be able to hang the windchime on the porch. This nice windchime will not only bring music but also color.

  • Airplane Clothespin

Your little boy will definitely love this craft idea. Instead of throwing away all those colorful sticks you are left with when finishing your ice-cream, you can now use them to make airplane clothespin. Use some clothespins, glue, scissors, sticks and paint. You can use your favorite color to paint the sticks and then glue them to the clothespins to create an airplane. Recycle to obtain new and colorful toys for your little ones.

  • Stamped Paper Fans

Choose with your little ones some colorful ink stamps with different models. Let them choose some with flowers or animals, or maybe their favorite Disney princesses. Then, use some white paper as a canvas and let your imagination do its job. Use the stamps to make some prints and then fold it into a paper fan. Don’t forget to put one in your bag next summer.

All these fun and creative ideas can help you boost your imagination and broaden your horizon. Furthermore, the crafts are very easy to make, being suitable for your kids, too. Make sure you purchase (or recycle) all the needed materials and start working with your little ones. You will not only nurture their creativity, but you will also relieve some of the stress you have accumulated during the week.