DIY Tips On Making Your Garage A New Mens Den

For the longest time now, you’ve been thinking of how you can turn your garage into a new men’s den. Your car is now parked in a new shed that’s why your garage isn’t frequently used. You’re already looking forward to this men’s den to host a lot of activities with friends and family just to have fun. And while you might already know what you want to do with your garage, you still don’t have any idea on how to do it.

Turning your garage into a new space will always be a smart and cheap idea. For one, you’ll not solely need professional help just to create another room for you since your garage is already there. With a few tweaks, your garage can turn into a new men’s den. To help you out, consider these DIY tips below:

Clean, clean, clean: Before looking for inspirations on how your men’s den will look, take the time to clean your entire garage first. Yes, this might seem like a chore, but this is necessary to turn your garage into another space. When you’re cleaning, make sure to sort out items which aren’t useful anymore. You can either give them away, donate to charities or sell during garage sales. Don’t keep items which aren’t doing anything for you as this can take up important storage space – space which you can use for your appliances.

Think about storage: You might be one of those homeowners who would also use their garage as a storage area. There’s nothing really wrong with doing this, but since you’re turning this into a men’s den, there should be a storage system. You don’t want your men’s den to have tools dumped in one corner and holiday decorations on the other, right?

  • There are many ways on how you can store items in your garage. You can use your walls to hang your sports equipment and tools. This is a storage system which is both creative and convenient at the same time.
  • You can also opt to use your garage’s ceiling as another storage area. If your garage has a high ceiling, purchase storage totes and plywood from your local hardware store to have a ceiling storage system.
  • Plastic boxes can also be an excellent option for your storage! These boxes are clear, making it easier for you to determine what’s stored inside and look for items the moment you need them. You can also use color-coded plastic boxes to determine which items should be stored where.

Consider your garage door: You might not know it, but your garage door can play an essential role in the ambiance of your men’s den. If you think you need to replace your garage door, consider buying Costco doors as these are cheap yet very functional. It also offers a variety of designs which will surely fit any theme you’ll have for your men’s den.

Think about the amenities: Your garage might be perfect when it was solely used for your vehicle, but since it’ll be used as a men’s den, you need to think about the ventilation, flooring and electrical wirings in the room. You want your friends and family to be comfortable when they’re in your men’s den.

  • Your flooring can make or break how cozy your men’s den can be. For your men’s den, consider having your garage tiled or carpeted.
  • For your garage to be a men’s den, you’ll need appliances. This is why you need to have your electrical wiring set-up. Call an electrician in your area to help you out with this one.
  • Ventilation is also important. If it’s too hot or cold inside your men’s den, no one will bother staying there for hours. Ensure your den will have the right temperature all the time.

In Conclusion

All of the tips presented in this article might seem new to you, especially if you can’t even remember the last time you tinkered around with your garage! Along with your willingness to turn your garage into something new, for sure, everyone in the house can soon enjoy a new men’s den!


George Anderson

George is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride on helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. He writes for sites like Shop Garage Door and in his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.