5 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring a Cleaning Service

Whether you are considering hiring a cleaning service for your office, home or special occasion, there are many things to consider before deciding on a candidate. Lives are increasingly more busy in today’s world and having a hand around the house is something that more people are thinking about investing in.

There are many options available to be investigated. You can choose from an established company like the Filthy Cleaning company in Vancouver or you may want to go with a private contractor. Either way, it is important to do your homework before setting up interview appointments.

Trust is a large part of the arrangement between client and cleaning service. Take advice from friends or family that have used a certain service that is reliable and trustworthy. Until a relationship can be formed, it is best to know as much as you can before making an agreement. For any type of contractor that you will be allowing into your personal home or office, doing your due diligence is a part of the process.

When going through the vetting process in hiring a cleaning service, keep in mind these five important questions that should be asked during the interview process. They will help you have a much clearer idea of the services that are available and perhaps make your choice an easier one.

How Do They Set Their Rates?

Most companies will set an hourly rate depending on the number of workers that are requested for duty. If you are looking to schedule cleaning for a special project, the rate may be negotiable depending on your needs. Make sure to get a written estimate from each vendor and set a limit on the number of hours allowed per week.

Are They Insured and Bonded?

Make certain that the service is sufficiently insured in case of any damage or breakage that may occur while they are working. If they are bonded you will have extra protection should anything be missing or stolen on the job.

Do They Do Background Checks on Their Employees?

This is extremely important with this type of service, considering that they will be allowing their employees into your private residence or office space. You will want to know that the company has properly vetted their employees to reduce the risks to their customers. Ask for a police clearance on any individual that may be in your home on a regular basis. If you are hiring an individual and not dealing with a large company, this will be your responsibility to research on your own.

Who Provides the Equipment and Supplies?

Most companies will bring their own equipment and supplies, but it is best to ask ahead of time to be certain. Stocking all the supplies needed can add hundreds of dollars to your cost. When a company is using its own supplies, you can be assured of consistency and have no concerns about damaged personal equipment.

Is There a Written Contract?

As with any service agreement, there should always be a written contract outlining the duties and responsibilities of both parties. Ask that a formal document be drafted for your protection and as a guarantee of quality service.