Dial in Your Kitchen: Smart Choices with Appliances Add to Usability and Design 

Trying to plan out your dream kitchen? Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, or just replacing things as you can over time, the appliances you choose have an immense impact on many things. From usability to aesthetics, your kitchen appliances are of critical importance. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to choose the right appliances, how they need to be maintained over time, and even why a home warranty can be a smart choice for improving your peace of mind when it comes to appliance longevity.

How to Shop for the Right Appliances

Obviously, the first step in creating the kitchen of your dreams is to buy the right appliances. You have a wealth of options in terms of brand, as well as in finish and color. When choosing a brand, consider the following:

  • Overall brand reputation
  • Reliability rating
  • Quality rating
  • Affordability 

Generally, you get what you pay for when it comes to appliances. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on a refrigerator or dishwasher, but a bargain-basement price often denotes subpar quality.

In addition to brand, you need to consider size. Carefully measure the amount of space you’ll have for your stovetop, oven, dishwasher, or refrigerator. Of course, if you’re creating a kitchen from scratch, or you’re doing a complete remodel with new cabinets, then the sky’s the limit. However, if you’re dealing with an existing kitchen layout, you’ll need to measure height, width, and depth to ensure the right fit.

Finally, consider the finish of the appliances. Stainless steel is sleek and modern, but it shows fingerprints very easily. Newer appliances are being made with a protective film to help avoid this, but you may decide to go another route. 

Matte stainless steel shows fewer fingerprints and is less expensive, and you’ll even find blackened steel available. Colors are starting to make a comeback, too, so watch for white, cream, and even bolder colors. Of course, painted appliances are also still available. These include ceramic paint over steel and are usually cheaper than stainless steel.

Make sure that whatever finish you choose works with the overall kitchen décor, though. For instance, a glass and stainless steel stovetop might be at odds in a rustic themed kitchen, while a massive commercial oven might be out of place with an elegant design.

Maintenance for Kitchen Appliances

All kitchen appliances will require at least some degree of maintenance. Regularly wiping down your stove, or cleaning out your oven are good examples. Refrigerators with in-line water filters need to have their filters changed periodically, and gas stoves may need corrosion cleaned from around burners every now and then. Your dishwasher should be cleaned on a monthly basis to remove hard water or lime deposits and to eliminate odors, too. Proper maintenance helps your appliances operate efficiently, prevents breakdowns, and keeps them looking good.

When to Replace Appliances

If you properly maintain your appliances, you should see at least a decade of use out of them before you need to worry about replacing them. However, you may decide to replace them earlier if you change your home’s design. Keep an eye on operation, though. Any unusual sounds or abnormal operation could be a sign of an underlying problem. If you want a nice-looking refrigerator that will ensure food is fresh and perfectly organized, consider a French door refrigerator.


Why Consider a Home Warranty

A home warranty is almost always a great solution, but is particularly beneficial if you’re buying kitchen appliances. Modern appliances can be very expensive, and it can take surprisingly little to cause serious damage. 

For instance, just failing to change out your refrigerator’s water line filter could cause mold to breed in the line, which would necessitate professional repairs. Not cleaning dust and hair from the air intake on your refrigerator could lead to the motor burning out. A home warranty can protect you from these unexpected expenses and ensure that you have professional help available immediately when you need it.

It’s never been easier to create an amazing kitchen, whether you’re a fan of French country, want something sleek and modern, or you prefer a more rustic design. The right appliances are the key to achieving necessary usability and the right aesthetic, and a home warranty will provide you with peace of mind about your purchases.