Creative Still Life Artists

The beauty of still life isn’t just the beauty of painted fruits, flowers, kitchen pots or animals. Still life paintings have a hidden mysterious symbolism. Still life paintings hide inside the beauty of life, new born, power of love, but also it has hidden symbols of death. On the other side, still life paintings won’t be as beauty as they are without creativity of still art artists. Their paint style, individuality and life style have an important influence of their still life paintings. There are brilliant still life painters, but let’s see some most creative still life artists and enjoy their incredible art.

Frans Snyder

The Belgian painter Frans Snyder is known like a animalists, which explain the presence of animals on their still life paintings. His beginnings in still life art was with painting flowers and fruit, but discovering his skills of animal painting, that become his specialty.

senger still life 634x459 Creative Still Life Artists
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Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is Belarusian-Russian-French and Jewish artist and all these nationalities and religion have an influence to his art.

fruits and flowers 1929 Creative Still Life Artists
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His removing from Russia to French and Belorussia make him nostalgic. But that help him to create his own painting style, based on his fantasy and characteristic just for him.

573px Marc Chagall 1912 still life Nature morte oil on canvas private collection Creative Still Life Artists
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Jan Davidsz de Heem

The Dutch painter de Heem use a variety of objects in his still life paintings – flowers, tropical and European fruits, sea shells, butterflies etc. His paintings are very rich and  ample splendor.

582px Still Life Jan Davidsz de Heem Creative Still Life Artists
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Juan Sanchez Cotan

He is a Spanish painter whom still life paintings are unique and influenced by his monastic life style. He added the fruit on vegetable still life paintings which wasn’t the practice till than. But the most characteristic for his ltill life paintings is that all fruit and vegetables are hanging and look like they are unreachable on the dark background.

621px Still Life with Game FowlVegetables and Fruits Prado MuseumMadrid1602HernaniCollection Creative Still Life Artists
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Pablo Picasso

Well-known Pablo Picasso is one of the most creative still life painters. Influenced by cubism, he painted his best still life paintings. The beauty if his paintings is that you can watch them from a different view point and find the sense of them.

picasso Creative Still Life Artists
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This Still life painting has been sold for a $ 41 Million.