Covid-19 and changing world dynamics

After the beginning of the pandemic in 2019, the world has changed a lot and a new kind of world order is introduced. Due to the deadly effects of COVID-19 millions of people have lost their lives and the economy has suffered a lot as well. Social distancing measures and chaos have made people psychologically weak and vulnerable and a sense of uncertainty is prevailing across the globe.

Continuously evolving viruses and their new variants are making it hard to believe that the world could ever get rid of this virus. But now after the vaccination of almost more than half of the population, risks are quite low and people are trying to get back to their normal lives. But it seems a difficult job to do as fear of an unknown enemy has crept into our minds due to which it’s hard to live a perfectly normal life.

Due to COVID-19, all kinds of air travel were banned in order to control the spread of the virus across the borders. But now due to the lower registered rate of COVID-19 cases many countries are opening their flight operation. But Now in order to fly special health document pre-verification is required to ensure the safety of travel. Tourists and natives are advised to carry their vaccination certificates around to avoid inconvenience.

Physical and mental effects

As we know, due to the deadly virus of COVID-19 many people had lost their lives and many who suffered from this virus had shown signs of health deprivation. As many cases were reported, people who were contacted by the viruses showed changes in brain function, and even their sense of taste and movement was affected by it.

Its psychological impacts are also far-reaching as the world is still living in the trauma of moments when people were dying in the corridors of hospitals and mass graves were dug due to the limited space and high mortality rate. The media has shown such disturbing images of the pandemic that people are still unable to get them out of their heads. Due to all these disturbing scenarios, depression is becoming more common these days.

Effects on education 

During the high-risk COVID-19 period most of the education was shifted to the online mode of study in order to protect students. Due to this old school practice of the student classroom environment was changed along with the daily routine of students. As students were staying at home most of the time and using technology extensively which impacted not only their education but also physical activities.

Now after a long break from the educational institutes, students are getting back to their old routine. But due to long vacations from the regular class system, students are facing a hard time adjusting to old routines after returning to institutes. As online classes schedule was fluid unlike rigid timetables of educational institutes, now problems like getting up early and doing all the work in a given short period of time are becoming a difficult task for many.

Traveling in time of COVID-19

 Traveling nationally and internationally was affected by COVID greatly as in order to limit the spread of the virus governments had to impose a ban on travel. Due to this people of every walk of life were impacted as international students were unable to go back to their educational institutes, people who were working in foreign companies were getting fired, and tourists were stuck in countries of visit.

Air traffic was partially or completely shut down in most of the countries but now that the situation is under control and the ban on traveling is lifted, people are traveling more than ever before. But COVID has made traveling across the world quite difficult now as in order to enter another country a traveler has to go through many health screenings, vaccinations and has to provide Covid’s vaccination certificate. Even though the process is tiresome, it is also necessary as the COVID period is not over yet and there is a need to take precautionary measures for everyone’s safety.

How COVID affected the economy

COVID had left a great impact on the national and international economy and individuals and governments are all suffering from economic losses. In order to contain the virus lockdowns were imposed on the national level due to which local businessmen suffered huge losses. And on the bigger level due to the ban on air and sea traffic trade was affected badly which in turn became the reason for the lower GDP rate across the globe.

Due to the ban on imports and exports food security was also challenged across the globe as mass media reported many cases in which the public was rushing into the supermarkets to grab whatever they can to store so that they don’t have to starve as markets were shutting down. But now after the lifting of the ban on traveling and the end of the lockdown period businesses are trying to get back on their feet but most of the small businesses become bankrupt during this time as they were unable to endure the damage caused by shutting down of markets.


Now it seems like the COVID situation is under control and things are getting better but still, there is a need to follow precautionary measures because unlike other pandemics COVID virus is quite stubborn and it’s constantly evolving into more dangerous forms. Even though governments are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of their citizens, there is a need to acknowledge the fact that things cannot get better without individual efforts and everyone should follow the instructions given by the World Health Organization as it is needed.

This dark period of Covid-19 shows us that even though life is uncertain and anything can happen anytime but the world can get through it by standing together. In this time of COVID how even the rival countries of the world come together to fight it and show great humanitarian spirit. We can see how India and Pakistan are archrivals but still when India was suffering from the deadly Indian variant of Covid Pakistan helped India despite its own limited resources.