6 Tips to Spice up Your Wedding Day

Ah, your wedding day – the moment you have been waiting for. With your wedding day coming closer and closer, it can be hard to plan and think of creative ways to spice up the ceremony. 

The main thing about planning your own wedding ceremony is to personalize the details, so that every guest has fun. If you’re thinking of planning your own wedding, here are 6 tips to spice up your wedding ceremony and have a memorable day.

Pick a Unique Wedding Theme

Instead of picking a typical wedding theme, consider picking a waterfall wedding theme. This theme is a bit time-consuming, but the end results are totally worth it.

If nature-themed weddings are not your thing, you could still pick a fun theme that your guests will enjoy – think romantic garden, vintage, boho chic country, and more.

Pay Attention to Flowers

Flowers are a must-have for your wedding ceremony. But, if they’re plain or boring, they won’t add much to your ceremony. You can have the flower girl toss multi-colored flower petals or opt for brightly colored petals that create a fun and unique twist on a classic tradition.

Flowers should not be used for just one purpose. You could get many uses out your wedding flowers; for example, by asking your florist to design them in a way that they can be used even after the ceremony. Another option would be to give them away to your relatives and guests as gifts after the reception or ceremony.

Spruce up your Cocktail Reception

The fun part begins after your wedding ceremony where everyone gets to enjoy themselves or dance. No one wants grumpy wedding guests; they’re the worst. That’s why you could entertain them or give them something fun to do, such as:

Set up a dance floor: This is such as a fun way to start a cocktail reception and your guests will have a blast while dancing.

Hire a comedian: You could also book a family comedian to perform in your reception. It’s a fun change, and everyone will enjoy a good laugh.

Hire an Aerialist: This is perhaps the most unique and entertaining thing to do on your cocktail reception because it has that ‘’wow’’ factor that amazes every guest, plus it’s something that not everyone goes for.

Switch up the Roles

Everyone has seen a typical maid-of-honor or best man at a wedding ceremony, but have you ever thought of switching up their roles for a more fun and personal feel? You could get your best female friends to be your best woman and your best male friends to be your man-of-honor. 

Another thing you could do is get your dog or cat to be the ring bearer; just make sure they’re well-behaved. Lastly, it would be a cool idea to get someone else to be your flower girl – someone like your grandmother, maybe. 

Make a Custom Monogram

Weddings are all about giving a personal touch. For example, you can add a personalized stamp of you and your partner’s initials. This one is easy to do. You could either DIY-it yourselves or get someone else to do it; just make sure you do it on table numbers, wedding signs, and so on.

Go All out with Colors

If you don’t want to have a typical all-white wedding, you could always pick other colors such as blush and gold or pink and purple. Weddings are all about personalization, so don’t be afraid to go all out on your most special day and choose bright colors, even neon. 

And if you want to have that pop of color in your ceremony, a mirrored sign or wooden sign gets the job done. It can be a neon sign with a love slogan, or a photo booth backdrop.