Controlling Ants and How to Get Rid of Them

We all know that ants live in colonies. You should kill the entire colony. The spay will kill some, but not all of them. Ants get into your house because they want shelter or food. They get into your home through small openings. You have to understand their behavior to get the best ant control you can.

The difference between ants and termites

There are not many people out there who can tell the difference between ants and termites. Ants are those that have segmented waists, and termites have the same width along the entire body, but they don’t have pinched waists. Ants have antennas that are bent, the antennas of the termite are straight.


This is the first thing you need to do when you have ants in your home. You need to find the nest. To do this, you have to follow their trails. Ants leave a chemical trail behind on their established paths to a food source and from a food source, in order for other ants to find the food.

Take a look at the edges of the carpets, windows, doors, kitchen. You can easily find the nest if you look where ants go after they find food. If the ant is Carpenter, is easier to do the inspection at night, as they are nocturnal.

You can look for them outside – at the foundation walls, where’s mulch and vegetation. If there are neat vegetation patios, the walls can get ants easily. Keep in mind that the nests are well hidden. If you need an ant exterminator, we have the best one for you.

When it comes to destroying the nest, you should use a non-repellent insecticide.

There are two ant problems people usually deal with: ants that live outside your house, but forage inside, and ants that already have your nest inside. The strategy to kill them should actually depend on the what kind of infestation you have.

Ants that live outside your house, but forage inside

These ants will come into your house to get food. You have to seal the cracks. But you won’t get them all – trust us. You can clean the entry points with a detergent to remove those chemical trails, then us ea spray.

Ants that already have your nest inside

Some ants will make an entire colony inside your home. They come when it’s warm. Also, this kind of ants may infest the food. For these ones, you should use ant baits. They’re safe around children and pets if you use them properly.