5 designer tips: How to Decorate a Living Room

The living room is the place where we spend most of our time in, so it not only needs to look great but it needs to be functional and comfortable. Trying to achieve this balance in our own homes, though, is often a challenge. But we’ve got a few ideas to inspire you.

Whether it’s a quick refresh or a complete overhaul, these five designer tips will guide you as you create a space that’s both comfortable and functional.

  1. Mix Light and Dark

Rooms decorated in bright colors can feel too clean and unapproachable. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a dark room can feel small, gloomy, and depressing. But mixing dark and light colors creates depth and balance in the room.

  1. Play with Texture

A mix of material adds dimension to a room. It appeals to the sense – both visual and tactile and provides balance. You can add texture on the walls with a piece of art or a patterned wall design or on the floor with a throw rug. You can also use décor items such as knick-knacks, shadow boxes, and flowers or textiles like throw pillows, slipcovers, and blankets to add texture to the room. Furniture like marble tabletops, wooden benches, and satin reading chairs can also be used to bring a distinct feel to the space.

While texture can create ambiance and increase the coziness of your living room, too much of it can clutter the room and dilute the effect. So be sure to use texture in moderation.

  1. Work in Some Wood

Incorporating wood into your living room is a great way to add warmth, texture, and elegance. The nice thing about wood is that it can be used to render both modern and traditional schemes. It can also fit seamlessly in the living space without clashing with other room elements.

There are so many ways you can add wood to your living space. Some options include using wall paneling, wooden parquet flooring, sideboards, wooden ceiling, benches, and mantelpieces. Another great option is to use wooden decorative objects such as photo frames, wooden bowls, hatracks, and tealight holders.

If you’re looking to buy a home, consider a house with wood architectural elements as this will allow you to incorporate other wood elements effortlessly. When you find your dream home, be sure to check online mortgage websites to get the best financing option.

  1. Mix Up Your Upholstery

Mixing and matching different upholstery fabrics is a great way to create an eclectic style in your living room. Not only does it add personality to the room, but it also makes it feel cozy and welcoming.

One of the safest ways to mix your upholstery is to mix fabric and leather. For example, you can mix a fabric sofa with leather chairs or vice versa. Another great way is to use fabrics with similar colors. If you have a sofa with chrome exposed frame and cream leather cushions, adding bright colored throw pillows can adorn the sofas. A dove fringe throw blanket can soften the leather cushions while a chrome lamp placed on a side table beside the loveseat can brighten up the room.

  1. Add A Dash of Color

Color can set the tone for your living room. Vibrant colors like orange, red and yellow are energizing while blue and green have a calming effect. Just be sure to pick a color(s) you’ll love to see every day.

Whether your style is modern or traditional, bold or subdued, relaxed or formal, these five decorating tips will help make your living room a comfortable, inviting place to gather with family and friends.