Can you put a memory foam mattress on top of a box spring?

Are you also wondering if it is a good or bad idea for putting memory foam mattress on the top of box spring?  Then, yes it is a defiantly a good idea. This can give you various advantages while sleeping. First of all, it will help you to maintain your body posture and you can have better sleep. It even helps you to support your back. So, the memory foam mattresses can give you various advantages if you choose top-quality mattresses. Now, there are many companies who sell foam mattress. Among various companies, the Nectar is one of the most reputed and famous companies all over the world. It made foam mattress of high-quality and are very eye-catching. People who have tried or used the Nectar form mattresses are very satisfied. The Nectar is known for the perfection. People believe that it is really impossible for them to make a flaw in the mattresses.

As we all have a hectic schedule and we get tired so much that we just need a comfortable bed where you can have great sleep. Sleeping with foam mattresses can give you more restful and stress- free sleep at night. You will feel comfortable during sleeping time.  The Nectar form mattresses are very sophisticated and stylish. So, to know the major benefits of the memory foam mattress, here we have mentioned that will make you consider foam mattress for your box spring.

  • Good Durability: The first and great benefit that you can have by using foam mattresses is long lasting. The foam mattresses are very strong and they have enough capability to stay for many years.  Even after the years, they will look like the same as before. So, it will save your precious money.
  • Easy Maintenance: The maintenance of a foam mattress is very easy and you can do within a few minutes. You just need to do basic cleaning and then, you are done with its maintenance. So, it will also help you to save your precious time. Want to know the best part? The Nectar foam mattresses do not get dirty very early as they are dust mite protection.
  • Minimize Pain: The foam mattresses are really very helpful to reduce body pain. When you wake up, you do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort. This is because when you sleep on a foam mattress, your no body part is under huge pressure. Your body weight is equally distributed.
  • Temperature Adjustment: The Nectar foam mattresses are made with temperature control adjustments so that you can easily protect yourself from overheating. So, it can give you a great sleeping experience.
  • Reduce health problems: If you have a breathing problem, then the foam mattresses are very helpful to get huge relieve from your breathing problem.

Apart from Box Spring bed type, the Nectar offers foam mattresses for other various types of bed such as traditional frames, adjustable bases, platform or floor and many others. So, no matter what type of bed you have, the Nectar can fulfill your foam mattresses requirements.

The Nectar also offers the bed frame with headboard to customers which is very fashionable and study. Their bed frames designs are very unique and that’s why their bed frames are very different from their counterparts. You will find durability and stability in their bed frames. If you buy bed frames from the Nectar, you will also get slats as well as tools. Their bed frames look very attractive and beautiful. So, buying foam mattresses along with the bed frame can give an attractive look to your bedroom. The Nectar main mission is always to provide quality products to the customers.

Many customers want to know what are different mattress sizes? The Nectar offers various types of sizes and so, you have various options to choose according to your need and specification. They even tell you the mattress size will be ideal for you. The mattresses size that Nectar designed such as:

  • King: This foam mattresses size is best for couples who really like to stretch out. It fits in the large size bedroom.
  • California King: It is another size of mattresses which is specially designed for the couples and like King Size; it is also suitable for the large size bedroom.
  • Queen: This mattresses size is best for teenagers or young children or for a person who wants to have a large bed. For this size, the requirement of bedroom size is a least 9.6 feet by 10 feet.
  • Full: The Full size is for the parents who love to sleep with their young children. At least 9 feet by 9.6 feet bedroom size requirement is essential for this mattress size.
  • Twin XL: It is best suitable for the young children which are 12 years old. Even, in the guest bedrooms, it fits perfectly.
  • Twin: The suitable for the guest bedrooms or for the children who are between 2 and 12 years old.

The Nectar is fulfilling the requirements of a wide range of people. You will definitely find your mattresses size at Nectar. You can easily place an order for your favorite mattress and bed frame with headboard online. There are many benefits that you will get if you prefer to buy from Nectar:

  • Discount: The Nectar always offers the discount option for their customers and even the free pillows will be offered with the discount.
  • Home Trail: If you are not sure about the Nectar foam mattresses, then they offer 100 Night home trail so that you can have surety before buying.
  • Free Shipping: Once you place an order, your foam mattresses will be shipped to your home without any charges. Even, if you want to return, they will take back from your home again for free of cost.
  • Warranty: The Nectar offers the 3 years warranty for the bed frames which is very long as compared to its counterparts. For the foam mattresses, it offers the forever warranty,
  • Quality: The Nectar is known for the quality. Its each and every product is made and designed with the top-quality material.
  • Affordable rate: You will get both foam mattresses and bed frames at a very reasonable price.
  • Customer Support: In case of any problem, you can contact them freely as they offer the best customer support to their customers.

So, the Nectar is the only company which can give you many benefits.  Its memory foam mattress is a risk – free and many people have tried. Their foam is the US certified and they are designed without utilizing ozone depleters, mercury and lead.