Ways to Maximise Space in Your New Home

If you’re moving to a smaller place, you may be concerned there isn’t enough space to store all of your belongings. Or, maybe you’re concerned the home will feel too cramped compared to what you’re used to?

While moving into a smaller space can certainly be challenging, there are ways to maximise the space and ensure your new home is cosy. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to maximise space in your new home.

Consider mounting your TV

A great way to maximise space in the living room, is to mount the TV onto the wall. You should find most new TV models come with wall-mounting capabilities. However, you can also buy mounts for older TVs too. Provided they’re flat, you should have no problem fixing them to the wall.

This tip alone saves a surprising amount of space. When you eliminate chunky TV units, you’re left with so much more floor space, giving the room a much more spacious feel.

Make use of natural lighting

Did you know natural light can instantly make a space appear larger as well as brighter? It’s estimated that homes today are over 40% less spacious than they were in the 1920’s. This means, when buying or renting a property via a modern-day estate agent such as Andrews, there will likely be small rooms to contend with.

The most common rooms which can be a little more cramped are the kitchen, bathroom and lounge. However, increasing the natural light can make a huge difference to how spacious the home feels. If there aren’t enough windows, you could consider adding a skylight if you’re buying the property. If not, in areas where there is nobody overlooking the room and it’s pretty private, you could remove all window coverings completely, maximising the natural light.

Invest in a sofa bed

If you’re lacking a guest room, a sofa bed is a great investment. They come in a lot of different designs and some are even comfier than an actual bed! You could also use this tip in your own bedroom if it’s pretty small. Putting the bed element of it away during the day will give you a lot more space in the bedroom.

As you can see, there’s some pretty clever ways to maximise the space in the home. No matter how much space you have to work with, there’s always a tip that can help you make it appear larger than it really is.