Can Split King Adjustable Bed Really Help Couples To Sleep Together Comfortably?

Purchasing a pleasant and comfortable mattress is a very tiring process. The trouble becomes double the size when any couples try to find one. Choosing a bed is an important part of your domestic life as your sleeping and comfort will depend on it. If it is not comfortable enough, there is a chance that you may even become an insomniac. Couples who share the bed often suffer from lack of sleep. Sharing bed can add fuel to the fire if you don’t choose the right bed. If you are having trouble to get enough sleep with a partner, then we are here with the solution for you.

What is split king adjustable bed?

A split king adjustable bed is designed to meet the need of a couple particularly. Two twin XL beds are linked together that makes a king size bed. The mattresses are separate and let your partner move around without disturbing the sleep. If you are not much concerned about bigger spaces, then go for a split queen adjustable bed. It will give you the comfort of a split bed and save up some space as well.   

Adjustable beds are already proven to work for people with back pain and insomnia. Here are some benefits of a split king adjustable bed

It benefits your health:

People all over the world suffer from snoring. It severely affects relationships as well. Split king adjustable bed is the perfect choice for a couple as it reduces the risk of snoring. It also helps with sleep apnea and acid reflux. By putting yourself in the head the only position in the bed, you can lower snoring at night. The Feet only position of the bed will help you with your feet aching. You should go for queen mattress size if you want to buy a split queen adjustable bed.  

Easier to move around:

It is a common problem for couples that they cannot sleep because of their partners moving around and adjusting their position. Many cannot sleep without moving and moves way too much. That can affect relationships and sleep at the same time. If you bring split king adjustable bed you will have two separate beds. It will not affect your partner’s sleep at all.

You can accommodate different preferences:

If you are a couple and both of you has a different taste or need for the mattress, then you can use two different mattresses here. If you prefer to keep your head up when you are sleeping then you can easily do it without disturbing your partner. If your partner prefers sleeping on their side or stomach, then split beds are a perfect choice for them without as well.

Does not transfer motion:

Waking up because of motion transfer and freaking out in the middle of the night can be quite frustrating. The motion can wake you up whenever your partner gets up from bed for bathroom or something else. But it is not a matter with split beds. Although you may feel some discomfort for that seam in the middle.

Plenty of Personal space:

Having a partner does not mean that you always love to stick with each other. Many People love their personal space more than anything. And it is completely fine. You can even enhance that personal space bringing the split bed in your home. If you prefer sleeping on a little bit raised or lowered standard of heads-up position and your partner not, you can do it without any thoughts now. You can adjust the bed flat again whenever you want to cuddle.

You can work in bed as well:

Some people prefer working on their beds with a laptop. Often time a mail from office or a call from the client at midnight needs to be done from the bed.  If you guys share different space like split bed, it is easier to work in bed without causing a disturbance in partner’s sleep.


As you can see that split king adjustable bed solves a lot of awkward couple problems. So bringing it home will not only solve your sleep problems but also improve your relationship as well. The bed does not just separate you when enhancing your personal space. You can both be in heads-up position and watch a movie together. So it does not just splits your bed it can bring you closer as well.