Bring Your Walls to Life with Wallpics Photo Tiles

Wallpics is an ideal destination for getting personalized photo boards that stick to the walls and add a touch of customization to the whole house. It goes without saying that walls adorned with personal photos that display the favorite memorable times in one’s life look undeniably eye-appealing and create a unique ambience. They make the perfect wall décor and breathe life into the living space. Have a look what magic Wallpics creates in your house.

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In just a short span of time since its inception, Wallpics has gained worldwide popularity for their stunning photo tiles that can make any interior space look custom made and distinct. A downloadable phone app of Wallpics is all you need along with a few selected photographs that you wish to decorate your walls with. Just by showing a little bit of love to your walls you will be able to bring the entire space to life.

Here we have discussed the ways in which Wallpics brings life to the walls without burning a hole in your wallet or damaging the structure of the walls.

Why go for Wallpics?

Wallpics are customized photo tiles that display your handpicked photographs. Their app is available for both, iPhone and Android phone users. To be able to place an order, you are required to download the app on your phone. Single out the pics you wish to see mounted on the walls in your house. Wallpics are trendy and innovative. Their premium-quality photo tiles add value and personality to the interior space.

When compared to other wall décor items such as paintings and wall stickers, Wallpics are far more creative and personalized. They showcase the favorite memories of your life that have already gone by. But with Wallpics you can relive the happy moments of your life again and again. The top reasons why Wallpics are best for decorating walls is because the stickable tiles are personalized, cost-effective and can fill up the house with warm and cozy feelings. You can go for Wallpics not just for their reasonable rates but also for their elegant photo tiles that can brighten up your empty walls.

Moreover, this great app has become popular among those famous people who are used to be in the limelight. Lydia Mclaughlin, Todd Chrisley, Amanda Stanton and other prominent figures share their happiness of being the owners of Wallpics photo tiles. Have a look at their short videos on, follow their Instagram and subscribe their Facebook pages. Be the first to know which secrets celebrities share with you, and one of which is how Wallpics application can decorate your home and bring happy moments each time you look at the faces of your dearest people!

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How is Wallpics different from other wall décor items?

When it comes to wall décor, there is a slew of options available these days in the home décor stores. Canvas paintings, wall lights, wall stickers, oil paintings and many more can be used to dress up the walls and beautify the surrounding space. But instead of generic decorative items such as the ones stated above, if there are personalized decorative elements such as Wallpics that adorn your walls, then it would undeniably create a happier environment and leave an ever-lasting impact on anyone who visits.

Other wall décor elements surely beautify the interior space, but Wallpics give them a touch of unmatched personalization that takes the style factor of the house to new levels. They complete the look of the house without causing any harm or damage to the appearance and structure of the wall. Majority of other décor elements require hanging or sticking that may leave an unsightly trace on the wall. But, not Wallpics. As these photo tiles have stick pads attached to them that do not leave any trace.

Another thing that makes Wallpics stand out from other items is that they are easy to move around. If you wish to change up the interior, you can easily unstick the wallpics and stick them on new walls to give your space a refreshing makeover. The damage-free feature of the stickable tiles and their ability to move from one place to another without losing the stickiness of the stick pads surely make them different from other decorative products.

How to use Wallpics to bring walls to life?

Wallpics can single-handedly bring empty walls to life. The sheer presence of photo tiles showcasing the personal favorite moments on one’s life can breathe life into the walls. Furthermore, using Wallpics is rather straightforward. You just need to remove the protective cover from the stick pads and stick the tiles on the wall.

Style them in any way you prefer. Fill up the entire wall with these tiles to create your own gallery wall that exhibits the prominent moments from your past. Alternatively, you can team wallpics with other wall décor products to create an attractive artwork that enhances the aesthetic beauty of the house.  

How much does the entire process cost?

From ordering Wallpics to putting them up on the walls, the entire process is reasonably priced. You will have to place an order for a set of three pictures that would cost you $45. Adding additional pictures to the order will cost you $9. The shipping, on the other hand, is free of cost for customers living in the US. However, the international customers may have to pay a certain amount for shipping, this amount varies from country to country.

That is the only price you will have to pay for the entire process. As putting up wallpics is extremely simple and does not require any additional item such as nails or screws or expert help. Just peel off the protective layer from the stick pads and dress up the walls with incredibly stylish photo tiles from Wallpics.

How long does Wallpics last?

The photo boards of Wallpics are made with premium-quality items that not just make the boards look elegant and top-class but also enable them to stay in top shape for a long period of time. Especially, the stick pads attached on the back of these tiles last for years. And, in case of a wear out, Wallpics allows the customers to get a replacement for free.

Try this amazing application yourself. Simply download it on iTunes and Play Store or find us on Facebook and Instagram. Be among those lucky people that enjoy their warm atmosphere at home created by Wallpics application.


Give your walls the attention that they deserve by putting up wallpics on them. These photo boards are a perfect addition to the home décor that reflects your personal style. Reasonably priced, simple to use and made with premium-quality items, Wallpics are worth your attention and their services are also top-notch, so if you need any assistance after receiving the order, you can always drop an e-mail. So, go ahead and try Wallpics to brighten up bare walls.