Best 5 luggage brands for international travel

Travelling is a vital part of our life. We travel for business, education, adventure or recreation. These travelling trips call for functional luggage that can sustain your tours in a perfect manner.

Many luggage review sites like and help us in choosing the right luggage prior to purchase but there are tons of luggage brands in the market that fulfill the same purpose of carrying luggage but they all differ in their efficiency. Each brand features a different specification which makes it difficult to choose one for your journey.    

The best luggage enables you to surpass the airline restrictions, offer you easy maneuverability, let you travel without the fear of water and keeps your luggage secured. Warranty is another important feature one should look for.

We have enlisted 5 world-class luggage brands in this review that are consistent and known for their best features.


Delsey is one of the latest entries in the best brands luggage. The low prices and super stylish looks of the luggage make it a pro in middle price range suitcases. It has become quite popular due to its balance of style and value for money. Have a look at more features of the suitcase:

  • Construction: Delsey luggage is available in both hard side and polyester material. The interiors of the luggage are simple and beautiful. There are zippered pockets and tie down straps to hold your luggage in an organized manner. One can easily organize belts, shoes, scarves or shoes. The well-constructed Delsey luggage is sturdy and durable.

Moreover, the luggage is available in beautiful colors

  • Sizes: Delsey luggage is available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose one according to your requirement.
  • Wheels: Almost all the Delsey luggage and suitcase have in built wheels. A few have four wheels and others have eight but almost all are multi directional.
  • Weight: Delsey is world-famous for its lightweight luggage. It is the best option for people who do not like to lug around heavy suitcases.  
  • Security lock: Delsey luggage features TSA locking system that ensures the safety and security of your luggage.
  • Warranty: Delsey luggage is loaded with 10 years of manufacturer warranty.

American tourister

American tourister bags are no less than an accessory. They serve your utility and accentuate your style. American Tourister bags have become a style statement. The brand has maintained a very good reputation over all these years.

The brand offers a huge variety of luggage including travel bags to college bags and gym and duffel bags. Take a look at the detailed features of the products.

  • Construction: American Tourister offers high-quality luggage constructed in a robust manner. The fabric is highly durable and water resistant. The bags are constructed in a spacious and well-designed manner. Being space efficient the bags can accommodate lots of your stuff. The tie down straps and mesh pockets allow you to pack luggage in an organized manner.
  • Price: American Tourister luggage is a value for money product. The zips and fabric is of very high-quality but they still charge a genuine amount for their products.
  • Wheels: The heavy-weight bags and suitcases have wheels in them. The multi-directional wheels allow easy maneuverability. The trolley bags from American Tourister are worth every investment.
  • Weight: American Tourister luggage is slightly heavier than the latest brands.


The sleek luggage with super bright colors, Samsonite helps you in creating a unique style statement. The forever strong cases from Samsonite are quite spacious to accommodate your dirty laundry. The loud colors from the brand have become first choice for the youth.

The detailed features of the Samsonite luggage will definitely impress you.

  • Construction: Samsonite luggage is constructed from highly durable fabric and the exteriors are refined. Moreover, it is easy to clean. If you are clumsy and keep dropping things on your suitcase, you can relax.
  • Price: Samsonite luggage is available in a good range from medium to expensive. Each Samsonite product is worth for its value.
  • Wheels: Loaded with spinner wheels, Samsonite strollers are move quite smoothly. You can simply move the luggage on the push of a fingertip. The wheels are so strong that the luggage does not tip over or fall.
  • Weight: Samsonite offers you extremely lightweight luggage which is easy to carry and revolve. The luggage is expandable and has a good storage capacity.

London Fog

London Fog is one of the most classy luggage brands around the world. It makes the packing and unpacking experience easier for you. The features of the luggage brand are really impressive.

  • Construction: The dimensions of the luggage suits best with the most of the airline companies around the world. The hard side luggage is extremely durable.
  • Price: The luggage is a bit pricey but it totally compensates for the luxury.
  • Wheels: The wheels support total 360 degree spin and easy mobility.
  • Weight: London fog luggage is amazingly lightweight. The push button handles are easy to manage and does not add any extra weight to it.
  • Warranty: The brand offers 10-years manufacturer warranty along with a TSA security system.

Cool life.

Cool life luggage is known for the modest color schemes. Go comfortable with the cool life luggage without catching much attention. Pink polka dotted bags along with green and blue dark shades appreciate your sideways. With these cool shades you can easily blend into crowd without taking much pain. Have a look at its features:

  • Construction: The luggage is constructed in such a way that its dimensions are in accordance with the US air transportation. The handy devices are taller than you can imagine. The telescopic handles extend up to a good height and are quite durable. Made from high-quality fabric, the luggage is durable and spacious. The interiors are well-versed and well organized. There are mesh zip pockets that let you pack your stuff systematically.    
  • Price: Cool life offers value for money products.
  • Wheels: The multi-directional wheels of the suitcase allow easy maneuverability.
  • Weight: The best travel companions are extremely lightweight. You need not worry about its weight anytime.