Arunashi: Who Are They And Why Should You Wear Their Designs?

Since appearing on reputable sites like Marissa Collections, the buzz around jewellery brand Arunashi has been building.

Even so, with a relatively limited online presence, you may be keen to get a more thorough introduction to what this label offers and why it is already gaining a number of high profile clients and fans.

So who are Arunashi and what makes their creations stand out from the crowd? We will attempt to answer both questions below.

The Background

The man behind the Arunashi brand is Arun Bohra, a jewellery designer who has garnered acclaim thanks to the incredibly unique shapes he uses within the pieces he creates.

Operating out of an exclusive Beverly Hills location, the only way to actually encounter a lot of his work in the flesh is to book an appointment and visit in person.

Thankfully the excellent work done in the name of Arunashi is becoming more widely available, largely as a result of the support it is receiving from online retailers.

In short, this is a brand which is still in the process of establishing itself, while being lined up for big things in the future. As such, now is the perfect time to invest in a piece that will only become more desirable over time.

The Designs

There are lots of words that can be used to describe the jewellery offered by Arunashi. ‘Striking’ is one fitting phrase; ‘unforgettable’ is another.

Designer Arun Bohra is brave enough to adopt techniques and embrace shapes that have not been seen anywhere else before. The beautiful Egg Drop earrings, for example, are dripping with traditional sapphires and diamonds, yet manage to combine these oft-seen stones in a completely unique way. The Flower Bud earrings are arguably even more arresting from an aesthetic standpoint, with a translucent amethyst globe topped by a tree-like structure of precious gems that is undeniably fabulous to behold, while also being appropriately expensive.

Necklaces and rings from Arunashi are similarly spectacular, not just because of the quality of the materials, but because of the ingenuity of the designs. If you think you have seen every conceivable configuration of jewellery, this label will open your eyes to new possibilities.

The Advantages

The most obvious selling point of this particular brand, aside from the aforementioned imaginativeness and extravagance of the pieces themselves, is the rarity and exclusivity.

It is unlikely that anyone wearing something by Arunashi will bump into anyone in their circle who has jewellery from the same designer. For many, this alone will be enough to justify the price.

The next appealing asset is that a lot of the pieces are one-off, rather than coming from some production line that churns out identical replicas of the original design. This only helps to add to the mythos surrounding the brand and brings yet more exclusivity to bear on it.

The expense of owning jewellery from Arunashi may be steep, but one glimpse at the work will explain the price and the reputation.