3 Ways Embossed Stationery Adds Value to Your Letters

The art of letter-writing is now experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. More and more people these interested in what’s often seen as a “lost art” for adding a human touch to both personal and professional correspondences, as evidenced by both the sales of calligraphy materials and special stationery. Embossed stationery, in particular, has received a lot of interest thanks to the inimitable textures and charm they can impart to any message, be it printed or handwritten.

Great stationery has always been the foundation for warm, unforgettable letters. And of the types of special stationery available, embossed stationery tends to hold a special place. Here are a few ways using embossed stationery can add value to your messages.

1.) Embossed stationery leaves a positive impression

We’re not just talking about the literal impressions the embossing process leaves on the paper. The three-dimensional effect embossing leaves on paper can be quite powerful. Most recipients will instinctively believe that the contents of your message are more important, simply because the stationery looks better than any old piece of paper.  This is especially true when they’re contrasted with other less-interesting pieces you might see in the mail.

Letters written on good stationery also tend to be seen as more sincere.  Since good stationery looks more valuable, recipients will tend to also understand that the sender really wants to make sure their message is taken more seriously. This means that embossed stationery, when used in the right context, can send the idea that the sender is sincere, even before the recipient reads the message.

2.) Embossed stationery engages your sense of touch

A letter written on embossed letterhead will often literally feel better than other letters written on ordinary paper. In addition to looking much more pleasing visually than regular paper, the heavier weights and textures give embossed stationery a better tactile feel for recipients, which often means they won’t be able to stop themselves from literally feeling your message, in the truest sense of the word.

And this can be quite critical. Multiple studies over the past generation have found that the tactile aspect of a reading material can determine how well information is absorbed. It’s why most of us find we’re able to remember information on print-outs and traditional paper books, more than we can remember something on an e-reader or smartphone screen. We often find ourselves “reading deeper” with more tactile reading materials than we do on electronic screens as well, which makes the reasons for using embossed stationery even more compelling.

3.) They give an old-world warmth and a human touch to your message

We don’t know about you, but we’re not such huge fans of emails and text messages when it comes to important personal messages. Perhaps we’re just biased as a printing company, but we believe the reason that letter-writing and calligraphy are experiencing a resurgence as an art is because as a society, we’ve become somewhat starved of quality human interaction. We may be reaching more people with the tools we’ve come to enjoy in the digital age, but many of us find that we don’t communicate with the same warmth or humanity that just comes naturally when you send physical letters.

Using embossed stationery may not always solve all the issues we have with the highly impersonal world we’ve come to live in, but it sure will give you a good foundation for doing your part to add a bit of humanity and delight in someone’s mailbox.