7 Best Long-lasting Flowers to Decorate Your Home for Any Occasion

When you need to make a gorgeous arrangement inside your home, you can never go wrong with flowers. It is going to be even better if you do it during the springs. Flowers can add an unprecedented touch of elegance to the place, be it your dining area, living room, or even the bedside table.

Considering the availability of different types of flowers, choosing the best, long-lasting ones for your home can be a bit overwhelming. We have crafted a list of best lasting flowers for all occasions to help you find the best arrangement for your home.

1. Ranunculus

You can easily find long-lasting ranunculus during the spring season. The flowers are tightly budded in the early stage but, with time, the layer of petals turns into the dark, inner center, which is enough to embellish the place.

If you can properly look after the arrangement of these ranunculus flowers, they can last about a week.

2. Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium orchids are also available in abundance during the fall and winter. You are going to love them in burlap-wrapped bouquets. When styled in a simple vase, cymbidium orchids look sculptural and lush at the same time.

These orchids can last about 2 weeks if you care for them.

3. Protea

Protea proves to be workhorses when you place them at the front of a bouquet. They not only look gorgeous but also prevent other stems in the back from being damaged at the time of delivery. 

They work as a “shock absorber” when placed at the front of burlap-wrapped bouquets, especially during the season. However, you will love these statement flowers individually as well. Protea is amongst the very last flowers to stand in their arrangements even after weeks of placing in a vase.

4. Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are another great option to decorate your home. These are the best flowers for decoration, especially if you don’t have enough time to water them and trim their stems occasionally. They can last for a few weeks, even with a bit of negligence and are available in different colors as well.

5. Carnations

While carnations are not among various popular flowers, they deserve a mention because of their ability to last long. Just like calla lilies, carnations can also survive for a few weeks in a vase with a bit of negligence.

You need to be patient with carnations and give them enough time to fully bloom on their own. 

6. Double Tulips

Double tulips can last about a week if you change the water regularly. The best thing about tulips is that they continue to grow each time you make a cut up to 1 inch. They get extra height and a wild look as time goes on.

7. Fringed Tulips

Fringed tulips are another great option, as they usually hold up about a week with sufficient care.

So, these were 7 top long-lasting flowers to decorate your home. If you can take care of these flowers, they can add a unique touch to your place.