Fantastic Home windows that are Most Sought-After in the globe

A window is an opening in a wall opening that is fit to allow light and air into the structure. Depending on the location, windows are also meant to give the outside view from inside the structure. They also enhance the beauty of the building. Due to their different functionalities, window panes have different designs, textures, and colors.

Depending on the type, some windows are easier to open than others. Also, their functionality is different since some are meant to give broad views, while others are great for airflow. 

Mostly, the architectural design of a building and the style of decoration are significant considerations when determining the appropriate window type. Other factors to consider include; climatic conditions of the area, the direction of wind, utility, size, and location of the room. Below are some of the most loved and frequently used home windows around the globe. 

Awning Windows

These windows open out by pivoting them. You use a crank to pivot from the top of the window sash. Since awning windows cannot be used on their own, they are often paired with large picture windows. They can either be fitted on the top, bottom, or sides. Awning windows can also be fitted above doors. These types of windows should not be installed on windows that are near walkways or other traffic areas since they open out.

Casement Windows

The use of casement windows is very rampant nowadays. They have shutters that are attached to the frame and works just like door shutters. They are pivoted from side hinges as you open them. Sometimes they may have wired mesh to prevent flies from entering.

Usually, casements have large glasses to allow the entrance of ample light that is uninterrupted by any framings. Also, these windows offer more ventilation compared to other window types. 

The best thing about casement windows is that they provide an improved and effective energy performance when closed.

Double Hung Windows

These windows are the most commonly used in most buildings. Unlike the single hung that have one sash, double-hung windows have two movable sashes.

Double-hung windows are more recommendable since they have better ventilation. Both sashes open about halfway, which allows ample natural air to flow freely through the upper and lower openings. They are also straightforward to clean from inside without using a ladder.

Louvered Windows

The best thing about louvered windows is that they provide ventilation without any outside vision. Mainly, they are made of glass, metal, or wood.

Louvers can be folded using a cord over pulleys. To maintain the slope of louvers, you need to tilt the cord and lift it at the same time. They should be inclined at an angle of 45 degrees downwards to the outside to run-off rainwater. Such windows are commonly used for toilets, bathrooms, and any place that needs a high level of privacy.

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are purposely made for sloped roofs. They are normally projected from the sloping surface so as to provide ventilation and lighting to the room. A very special feature of these windows is that they enhance an aesthetic sense of a room.

Lantern Windows

Usually, lantern windows are used on top of flat roofs. Their core purpose is to provide light and ventilation to the interior rooms beneath. These windows are projected from the roof surface in that the surface can be closed when need be.

Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open, and therefore, they are most appropriate for places where airflow is not a concern. Alternatively, they can be used together with other types of windows like an awning. However, they provide ample lighting and broad views since they are usually significant.

Most builders use picture windows as two-story foyers for high windows. They are less prone to air leakage because they cannot open. However, they are notorious for gaining and losing a lot of heat due to their expansive size.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are excellent for angle and projection creations on a building structure by architects. The excellency of bay windows is that they allow light to enter into the building through different angles. 

Also, the majority of bays have openable side windows for ventilation. The most common areas where bay windows are most appropriate are living rooms and kitchens. They also have captivating beauty, which makes the building very attractive.

Slider Windows

These window slides open sideways. They offer very clear outside views as well as ample ventilation. The only difference between slider windows and casements is that sliders cannot be tightly sealed or closed. You can use slider windows for egress windows in the basement.

In conclusion, there are a variety of fantastic designs you can choose for your home windows. You can shop for a variety of window panes directly from the factory, online through Panes Window Manufacturing.