5 Tips for Putting Together a Destination Bachelorette

There are many moving parts involved in putting together a bachelorette party. When you have a destination wedding, the planning process becomes much more compounded. There are several elements to consider, from financial obligations to splitting costs to how different bridesmaids will take on different responsibilities. But no matter how tricky the planning process may seem, the end result will pay off: the bride-to-be will have the experience of a lifetime, and have friends like you to thank for it. With that in mind, here are a few key tips for planning a destination bachelorette party: 

Talk With the Bridal Party

One of the first things you’ll have to do is have a candid chat with the bridal party, including the bride. The last thing you want is to plan a party that the bride isn’t interested in. Consult with the group to ensure that your plans are cohesive and fit everyone’s vision. You’ll also need to ensure that you choose a destination and activities that work within everyone’s budgets. Lastly, talk to the group to determine what elements of the bachelorette party are most important. For example, does the group prefer to focus on evening activities, tourist attractions, or relaxation? Knowing this will help set the foundation for your itinerary. 

Picking the Destination

There are hundreds of different destinations to choose from, which doesn’t make choosing the best destination very easy. Of course, the bride may already have a destination or several destinations in mind. Regardless, there are several ways to decide on the best destination. Start by considering the main priority decided by the group, as mentioned above. 

If relaxation is the ultimate goal, then you might choose a beachside location and a hotel with versatile spa options. If the bride loves live music, you might consider a destination like Nashville. Depending on your budget, decide whether an international trip is something within the realm of possibilities. Once you’ve shortlisted a few destinations, start looking into the logistics to determine which is the best option. 

Create a Budget & Task List

 5 Tips for Putting Together a Destination Bachelorette

The financial aspect of planning a bachelorette is important. If the finances aren’t in order, the entire experience can quickly become chaotic. Traditionally, the bridesmaids and some guests will help chip in to pay for the bride, but destination weddings mean the bride may pay for some of their own way. 

On this note, it’s important that you do your best to accommodate everyone’s budget. Some people will be working with lower budgets than everyone else, and you should encourage everyone to be as transparent about their budgets as possible that other members of the group can help if necessary and possible. Otherwise, be aware that you may have to adjust to accommodate everyone’s budget. 

Organization is key when it comes to managing finances. Maintain a spreadsheet detailing the cost breakdown and what everyone owes, when payments are due, etc. Dedicate different people to be in charge with ensuring certain payments are made. Additionally, split responsibilities and create a task list. One person might be responsible for restaurant reservations, while another might be in charge of ordering swag. 

Don’t Forget Your Swag

Bachelorette swag is a unique part of the experience, and shouldn’t be left out. You can even turn swag into opportunities to get the group together and plan your trip. For example, you might order some Epson pigment ink and work on designing your own group t-shirts. On the same token, think about the party favors you’ll get for your group. Custom-made is usually the way to go. Fortunately, you can find plenty of custom options on Etsy, which is a great platform for finding custom gifts and supporting local businesses. Cups, survival goodie bags, and sashes are all great options. 

Research the Destination—At a High Level

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s important that you research the destination as early as possible. Go deeper than choosing a hotel; think about how you’ll get from the airport to the hotel, and how close the hotel is to other activities you’re interested in. Research restaurants in advance, making reservations to ensure your larger party will get in. Create a list of local activities and make a Facebook group to allow everyone to vote on different options.