5 Reasons to Consider Launching a Church Answering Service

Churches are dedicated to answering the call of Christ to do good work in the world. But as a church office, how well are you answering the everyday calls of your community? Back in Biblical times, communication traveled by word of mouth, letters, and messengers on donkeys, but today, we have much more sophisticated software. And more sophisticated systems means more sophisticated tools for the church to continue your good work.

Many people may not realize how extensive the church office environment can be, especially megachurches with thousands of congregants that gather in your building during the weekend. Your office staff is responsible for responding to emails and inquiries, posting and sorting mail, and scheduling events for the congregation. Depending on the size of your team, you may even have specialized departments for youth programming, community outreach, social media ministry, finance, music, technology, etc.

Churches operate like their own businesses with needs in many different areas and departments. And just like small businesses, your church can benefit from an answering service. More than most organizations, a church needs to be there for their community at all times, even when you can’t be physically present. An answering service allows you to stay accessible to your community through an excellent customer service team. Here are just a few reasons to consider investing in an answering service for your church.

Your staff can’t be everywhere at once.

Spreading the word of God requires you to wear a lot of hats. Pastors are expected to preach weekly, run Bible studies, support congregants in need, plan weddings, funerals, and baptisms, and be present at all church functions throughout the week. Your church leaders simply cannot be focused on answering phones for every question posed to your organization. There are many types of answering services you can use to help. Even automated services that simply dispel information can help answer basic questions while you can focus on the bigger picture.

 5 Reasons to Consider Launching a Church Answering Service

You can stay departmentalized.

Using an answering service can also keep your calls focused within the right department. You can direct calls to certain call center representatives. So if one person calling to ask about scheduling a baptism and another wants to know the time of Sunday’s service, you can direct those calls to the proper departments.

The beauty of an omni channel call center is that all communication is connected through the software. Email, texts, voice calls, whatever it may be the information stays streamlined and consistent. This helps lead to customer satisfaction within businesses and is sure to help your church congregation feel respected and taken care of.

Let the team deal with the details.

It’s no secret that any business gets a lot of calls about the details of running an office. From paper supply companies to communion wafer purchasing, your office is responsible for handling all of it. An answering system can help deal with solicitations quickly and easily. Only when a call is important and worthy of a live chat, will it end up on your desk. So when it comes to the important things, like great deals on clergy shirts and ways you can save while keeping your pastors well dressed, you’ll have time to dedicate to it.

Show you’re there for your congregation.

The church plays many roles in the lives of their congregation, and one of those is the role of support. If you’re struggling with anything, you may turn to the church for comfort. An answering service with great customer service care can great you at any time of day. Having an open avenue to reach the department you need to will show your church community you’re there for them.

Be more accessible.

As a pastor or church leader, you can’t be tied to a desk all day. You are usually around the church, attending meetings, or engaging with your community. Having an answering system where callers can request a callback number or leave a message shows you’re accessible even when you‘re out and about.