3 Tips for Walking Your Dog Beside a Stroller

Summer has arrived and most parents want to be able to walk their children in their stroller safely with their family pet by their side. The key is to be able to find the perfect dog harness to go with the best baby carriage. It is important to keep in mind that summer has been known to sprout unplanned rainstorms so, a stroller with a rain cover would be ideal for an afternoon or early morning walk. Below are three easy tips to help your dog walk better beside your stroller.

Leash Rules 101

First thing’s first, you will need to find the proper gear for your pooch. It’s important to find a durable harness that fits the pup’s chest comfortably. The best harness will have an adjustable point to provide a snug fit. Many parents will understand that there is a time for training and a time for surviving. The best harness for dogs on the market comes from JoyRide Harness.

Customers have raved about how dependable the lightweight material is. The product also comes in six sizes so you will be able to find the perfect fit for any breed. The leash should always be at the right length and it is at the discretion of each dog owner.

As a fur parent, you never want to clip, tie, or fasten the leash to the stroller in case the dog decides to pull suddenly which in turn could flip the entire carriage. Nothing is more upsetting than having to stop and untangle a leash that has been wrapped around the wheel. The pet’s safety is just as important as your baby’s safety.

Picking Out The Best Stroller Rain Cover

Getting caught in the rain with your child can be very unpleasant. No one wants to walk around soggy. But finding the best stroller rain covercan be a breeze thanks to some quick tips. Most of the time, functionality comes into play when choosing a cover. For example, The Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather Sheild can fit almost any stroller which is helpful when you would like a versatile product. It would also be best to look for a water repellent shield that could help block wind and rain too. Many parents like to invest in a dual-purpose cover which is perfect to keep out the sun and a cover for the rain.

Walk Your Dog On The Polite Side

Many dog owners and new parents are not familiar with the polite side to walk their animals on. In all honesty, most do not even consider this as an option because it had never been explained to them. Many dog walkers are happy to heal their pet close to them when passing another walker but, that can be nearly impossible while maneuvering a baby stroller. Some dogs are also scared of the stroller so it can be an overwhelming experience for them.

The best course of action is to walk your dog on the side that is closest to the grass. Your carriage becomes a barrier between your pet and leaves room for other walkers. Before leaving your house it is important to teach your dog the command to wait. It can be quite difficult to get the stroller assembled with the best rain cover, put the baby and strap them in, leash up your dog, all while not tripping over the buckles. Training your dogs to wait at the front door would be the best answer to this particular problem and a time saver in the future.

Being a new parent is already a hard job. No dog owner wants to think they have pushed their pet to the side. A long walk with fresh air is the sure-fire cure to the whole family’s stress level going down. The dogs will appreciate the exercise and you will appreciate the little bit of sanity you obtain from a controlled, leisurely walk.