5 Important Reasons To Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning your home is not just the matter of aesthetics. There are actually many great reasons why these kinds of responsibilities should be on your daily schedule. Even though it can sometimes be ridiculously hard to motivate yourself on doing them in the first place, benefits that could arise are priceless. Specifically for this reason, we are here to present you with our 5 IMPORTANT REASONS on why you should keep your house clean:


Of course you want to take care of yours and you family’s health. Even though we sometimes tend to think that we cannot do much when it comes to it, research actually shows us that we can. Our daily habits of eating, sleeping, and cleaning have an enormous impact on our health. This goes to show that even the smallest of changes that we make in our habits could take us the distance when it comes to our health. Allergies and asthma symptoms can get worse if we do not take care of our beddings, upholsteries and carpets, due to large amounts of dust mites and molds that lurk around our homes. Think about safety for a moment. If your home is clutter-free, there is a decreased risk of potentially falling and hurting yourself! Plus, in case a fire breaks loose, it is much easier to get out if your home is neat and tidy. If not taken care of properly, kitchens and bathrooms can be a heaven for germ infestation, and do not forget about the pests! Bugs, rats and mice can be carriers of serious diseases that could harm people in a sever way. The more junk you have laying around the house, the bigger the chance of having pests paying you a visit. What about your kids? From a safety first perspective, if you have kids, it is your moral obligation to keep the place spotless. Why? Because kids tend to crawl across the floor, and put disgusting things into their mouths. This is no laughing matter. Be smart.


Equally important as physical health, living in a tidy household impacts our mental health as well. Even though you may not think about them consciously, your day to day obligations can still find a way to reach you through your subconsciousness. Most people find it very hard to relax while they are surrounded by piles of mess. After you come home from a hard day’s work, do you really want not to be able to fully relax? Given time, this problem will cause you serious trouble. Most probably your sleep will end up being affected due to constant stress dragging your body down. Eventually, you will start avoiding going home in the first place, because you will know what awaits you if you go in there.


In addition to mental health, keeping your home clean will give you a boost in social life. If you are a person who simply does not care about cleanliness, there is a good chance you rarely call your friends over for a drink. The more attention you dedicate to the space around you, the more proud you will be to share that same space with your friends and family. So, we are trying to say that increased dedication to keeping your home tidy will lead to an increased level of socialization. Plus, if you remain consistent with your daily cleaning routines, you will not have to bother with fake cleaning next time someone pops by for a drink.
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Sometimes it is required from us to do certain job related tasks from our homes. If you have ever been in this situation, you know how hard it is to focus on the task at hand when your house looks like somebody had dropped a bomb in it. Reason for this is to  be found in the way in which our brains operate. It is extremely difficult to focus on something if a dozen of other instances are stimulating you at the same time (plus the pressure of knowing that you still have not done the cleaning). Our bodies simply  function much better if they are surrounded by fresh and open space, rather than clutter and filth. If you are working from home, do yourself a favor and clean it before you start.


This maybe a highly specific example, but if you are a creative person, who often times creates from home, you can surely testify on how difficult it is to get those creative juices flowing if your place is a mess. So, next time you try to enter your “zone”, make sure there are no exterior distractions connected with a messy home.

However, if you are struggling to keep up with your house’s needs, hiring a professional should always be a viable option for you. There is no shame in wanting to spend your free time away from those cleaning tasks. Still, before you hire someone, be sure to make a thorough background check on them. At the end of the day, you do not want someone who is unreliable to stroll around your home while you are not there. Think about hiring a Singapore part time maid at Helpling SG. Reasonably priced, reliable and efficient maids can be booked here. Everything you want from a perfect maid can be found on Helpling. Give it a shot. You will not regret it.