10 Natural Ways to Maintain Beautiful, Youthful Skin

We all love having a youthful and beautiful skin, don’t you? Many of us fail to get one because of many reasons that might be as a result of using chemicals and lack of enough sleep. Many of us do try the best neck firming cream over the counter, wrinkle creams or moisturizer of 30+ SPF without giving a second thought or considering customer reviews or giving a try to natural ways readily available to us.

Do you know that there are natural ways you can incorporate to keep your skin looking healthy and young? You do not have to apply chemicals so that you can maintain a youthful skin. I will take you through 10 natural ways that will give you a very beautiful and youthful skin.

  1.    Wash your face with honey

Honey has numerous antioxidants that have an amazing effect on your skin. It opens up the pores and also moisturizes the skin. And the incredible thing is that honey is as natural as they come.

  1.    Avoid toxic cleaning products

Now, the skin is the porous as the rest of the body organs, a reason why doctors advise us to keep off chemical liquids. So, you might not know it but you just might be using toxic cleaning products for your daily cleaning chores that are responsible for you poor skin health.

  1.    Develop white/ green tea addiction

The antioxidants in green tea help with rejuvenating sun-damaged skin. Specifically, the Catechin antioxidant is the one responsible for the anti-aging effect, which discourages the growth of moles. An anti-inflammatory property of Catechin helps counter the development of wrinkles, not totality but it does a good job in delaying the development.

So, you should ensure to drink at least two cups of green tea in a day. If you are not a fun of green tea altogether, then you will love the fact that you can apply it topically and still reap the benefits.  An option to green tea is white tea, whose anti-aging properties protect structural proteins of the skin including collagen. You should note that green tea has far-reaching effects than white tea.

  1.    Snack on carrots

So, what is the secret behind snaking on carrots? Carrots have a great deal of vitamin A, which restores damaged collagen, now, you could also wish to explore on other orange vegetables such as sweet potatoes. The secret is finding for vegetables rich in vitamin A.

  1.    Eat red meat

I get this seems like a contradiction owing to the negatives people think of red meat. Any way that means that you will have to watch on the amount that you take because it’s true, too much red meat is bad for your heart. Away from the heart, red meat is rich in zinc and proteins both of which will give you a glowing skin by enhancing the health of the collagen tissue. Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Red meat could just be the solution you have been looking all along for Acne. Proline and Glycine amino acids in red meat promote the production of collagen. If your doctor has advised you to keep of meat products then you have got options in other sources such as berries, fruits, nuts, and eggs among many.

  1.    Drink plenty of water

A dehydrates skin results in an old, saggy skin and dry for that matter. The biology behind it is simple if you could just compare dehydrated and hydrated plants. As such you should drink at least a liter of water every day, but be sure to choose your water wisely. Filtered water tends to be the best, and in the filtration process some systems add essential minerals such as calcium. That makes for a whole mineral rich bottle of drinking water.

  1.    Eat cooked tomatoes

Tomatoes have an antioxidant in the name of Lycopene. So, why not eat raw tomatoes? Lycopene is best absorbed when processed. Cooking is a great way of local processing. Grabbing readily processed tomato products will also be an excellent idea, including tomato paste and sauces.

  1.    Slather turmeric all over your face

Turmeric has been all along the secret recipe for most Indians to have youthful skins. Turmeric has many beneficial properties that help in softening the skin, clearing acne, and discouraging the development of wrinkles. To slather the turmeric you need to prepare a face mask.

You will need a teaspoon full of turmeric powder, 2 spoons full of rice floor, and 3 spoons full of a milk product.  After making the mixture slather it on your face and wait till it dries. After fifteen minutes you rinse it off and then develop a suitable routine.

  1.    Use natural skin care products

Many of us thought that the many of the skin care products are working magic on your skin, but wait until your skin starts giving in to aging and you wonder what went wrong.

The problem with most skin products is that they contain so many harmful chemical, a reason as to why you should resort to natural skin care products, which are free from the harmful chemicals and also don’t have much of harmful side effects. The only tip here is to ensure that the component ingredients will work for your skin type.

  1.    Watch on how much you expose your skin to the sun

For those who didn`t know, only the morning sun nourishes the skin with vitamin D. after that all you get is glaring rays of harmful UV light. For that reason, you might want to limit the amount of time you expose your skin to these rays.  Use sunglasses and also sunscreen products could help.


Following these way or combining a couple of them will get you the youthful skin that you have wished for all along. The most incredible things about these tips are that they are all natural and do not involve an encounter with toxins. They also work and deliver the best results naturally hence saving you from the side effects of using chemicals. Make sure to take several pictures and compare them after several routines of a certain period, and you will agree they are incredible.