3 Unnecessary Items in Your Apartment You Could Probably Live Without

When it comes to apartment living, you’re sometimes faced with the dilemma of limitations on decor, forcing you to not be able to fully express your creative self. The other aspect of apartment living you will probably face is the dilemma of limited space.

Having limited space forces apartment renters to either get really creative with room functionality and space or it forces renters to get rid of some of their personal belongings. Although some of us don’t like the idea of getting rid of our things, it’s sometimes very necessary in order to have the space we want.

To be fair, there are definitely home decor pieces and accessories that every apartment needs to make a room complete but there are also those home decor pieces that we probably don’t need, especially when working with limited space.

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Just Purge It Away

A good rule of thumb to have when it comes to things you can probably get rid of is the 90/90 Rule associated with minimalism; you can use this theory in your apartment to declutter room by room too. The theory behind the 90/90 rule is to ask yourself if you’ve used a particular item in the past 90 days… if not, then you need to ask yourself if you’re going to use it in the next 90 days… if not, then it’s safe to get rid of that particular item.

This theory might not work for all of your personal items, but they definitely help you make better decisions on whether or not to keep certain things. So, when preparing for your move or just engaging in simple decluttering, keep in mind the aspects that can add and detract from the beauty of your living space. Check out these home decor accessories that you feel like you need but your apartment can probably do without.

The Awful Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Sets

Let’s be real… if you have carpeted floors in your apartment, you don’t need carpet on your toilet seat lid or around the base of your toilet. For one, the bathroom is where you go #1 and #2, and secondly, those rugs are breeding grounds for germs.

If you want some decor in your bathroom, it’s perfectly fine to have a rug in your bathroom but place the rug in front of your sink or at least a decent distance away from your toilet. As far as a toilet seat cover, just get that idea out of your head completely. It’s very unnecessary.

Old or Outdated Curtains

You may find this hard to believe but not all windows need curtains, regardless of what room it is. There are actually a few reasons why your apartment probably doesn’t even need curtains.

You Have Beautiful Windows

Some people don’t realize the beauty that’s right in front of them. Our minds have been trained to think that ALL windows need curtains but maybe your apartment is updated with beautiful window treatments or it has the original woodwork. If your apartment has either of those, then you probably shouldn’t cover it up with layers of fabric.

You Don’t Need the Privacy Curtains Provide

You’re probably thinking that in an apartment complex, you need all the privacy you can get! Well, that’s true in most cases but there are apartments that face wooded areas (where there’s clearly no one out there), especially if you’re in the back of a complex. If you’re in that situation, the blinds that come in your apartment would be privacy enough.

Your Curtains are Flat-Out Ugly

You know how some people don’t have a good sense of style (fashion wise)? Well, some people have terrible taste in home decor. People pick out curtains that are outdated, the print doesn’t go with the rest of their home decor, or the curtains are the wrong size for the window. If that sounds like your apartment, then you should consider how your apartment would look without them.

Overload of Dust-Collecting Knickknacks

Knickknacks are great for accessorizing and adding personality to a room but having too many of them can make any room feel cluttered and messy even when you just cleaned up! You might have a large shot glass collection or a doll collection, and that’s fine, but the key to knickknacks is to display them in moderation… you don’t have to display them all at once