3 Hot Design Trends For New Homes In 2019

In 2018, Americans built 840,000 new single-family homes, 617,000 of which were sold with an average sale price of $385,000. New build construction is a sound investment, as supply in the housing market is currently limited, causing many to rent or to live in multi-generational housing. Incorporating popular, modern features can increase your home’s value and improve its function and aesthetic. An emphasis on energy efficiency, natural building materials and clean lines are defining concepts in new building trends.

Green Features And More Sustainable Energy Sources

Energy Star windows that maintain better indoor temperatures without excess use of heating and cooling systems are more in demand than ever before. Radiant flooring, especially in bathrooms and entryways, is also an increasingly popular trend that helps cut down energy costs. An emphasis on natural lighting, with bigger windows, skylights and fewer walls between rooms is a popular design element that reduces electricity use. Demand is also higher than ever before for heat pumps, tankless water heaters and solar panels as methods of heating and powering homes.

Open Concept With Glass Partitions

Open concept design, which emphasizes clean lines and flow throughout interior living space, has been the preferred layout for home buyers over the last decade. Recently, however, there has been a resurgence of demand for designation between rooms. Glass partition walls and sliding glass doors offer the visibility and brightness of an open concept floor plan, while creating a more organized delineation of space. Popular glass partitions are framed in decorative metal for an industrial, loft-like aesthetic. Partitions can be installed on tracks that allow homeowners to open, close and move them as they desire. If you’re installing glass walls in your own home, it’s important to work with an experienced contractor to ensure safety and structural integrity. According to Magnum Home Builders, experience, integrity and enthusiasm are key to a contractor providing a personalized style and design.

Copper Gutters And Roofing 

Copper is not only aesthetically beautiful; it’s also an environmentally friendly material that is designed to last for decades and is less likely to harbor fungi and bacteria than vinyl or aluminum. Less buildup of organic debris means copper gutters clog less frequently, which can help prevent water damage to your home. While copper tends to be more costly and difficult to install than other materials, it adds elements of natural beauty to any home, and requires less maintenance over time.

Maximizing on the investment of building a new home requires careful research into trends that improve home value. While some trends are revolutionizing the real estate industry, others may be fleeting, and leave your home looking dated after a few short years. Whether you’re building a home to sell or to live in yourself, work closely with your construction team, and clearly communicate your priorities.