3 Effects Testosterone Has on the Body

Many people know that testosterone is a hormone, just like estrogen. Both are naturally produced by the body, with testosterone corresponding with the development and maturation of male bodies, and estrogen corresponding with the development and maturation of female bodies. While testosterone is thought of as “male” and estrogen is thought of as “female,” smaller amounts of each hormone exist in the opposite sex. An increase in testosterone can have many desirable effects, including increasing muscle mass, developing and maintaining bone mass, and growing facial hair.

Testosterone increases muscle mass

One of the greatest benefits of testosterone is its effect on muscle development. In regards to muscle growth, testosterone levels are an important factor when it comes to becoming stronger and losing fat. Testosterone is key in driving protein synthesis, which helps stimulate muscle tissues to grow and repair themselves. If you have more testosterone, you have more receptors on your muscles being activated, which leads to an overall increase in muscle.

As a result, this hormone is often introduced to individuals looking to bulk up, become more fit, or become stronger. Athletes and bodybuilders alike may look to testosterone in order to increase their muscle mass, and one popular supplement to aide in this is the prohormone Superdrol. It offers many of the same benefits you’d expect from testosterone, namely the development of lean muscle and the shedding of excess fat.

Testosterone benefits your bones

Another major benefit of testosterone relates to bone health. Both in terms of growing bone density and maintaining bone density, testosterone has a major impact on the skeletal system. Much like how testosterone signals muscles to grow, testosterone hormones also communicate with bone marrow to tell it to create more blood cells and become stronger.

In fact, testosterone’s role in increasing the strength and density of bones is so pivotal that the androgen hormone is currently being studied by scientists in the medical community to see if it’s useful in treating bone ailments like osteoporosis. This is because in men, osteoporosis is often a signal of lowering testosterone levels, so correcting those levels may be key in staving off the symptoms. Addressing low testosterone levels is also helpful in reducing the risk of fractures and breaks in bones. One popular option for boosting the production of testosterone are Ultra GHT male tabs, which are similar to Superdrol in their effects. Such supplements  provide continuous HGH and testosterone-boosting benefits in extended-release bi-layered tablets.

Testosterone helps grow body hair

One final aspect of the body which testosterone heavily impacts is the growth of body hair. Just as testosterone communicates with your bones and muscles to promote growth, it gets converted into dihydrotestosterone (also known as DHT) which is a more powerful promoter of hair growth. DHT levels have an impact on hair growth and beard growth, so many people choose to increase their testosterone or DHT with supplements if they are interested in improving their hair growth.

While testosterone affects far more than just the aforementioned qualities — even affecting behavioral traits, skin problems like acne, and heart health — some of the most popular reasons for choosing to supplement your testosterone levels are muscle, bone, and hair growth. Particularly for athletes or individuals looking to increase their strength, the impact that prohormone supplements can have on bone density and muscle development are major reasons to consider an androgen supplement such as Superdrol. Especially when taken in conjunction with a well-organized exercise regimen and a healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, the benefits of testosterone can play a major role in becoming stronger and more fit for physical activity.