10 different design ideas for your womb chair

The womb chair is one of the most iconic furniture pieces of the twentieth century. Its unique designing and distinct presence are perfect for enlivening a space, so here are a few design ideas you can use to introduce it in your own homes:


  • Bright on dull


You can make the womb chair the focal point of your interior designs by selecting a vividly hued upholstery for it, and setting it up in a relatively dull backdrop. This way, the eye of anyone who enters the room would be instantly attracted to the chair while the rest of the décor and ambiance becomes background music. This image features an excellent example where the grey backdrop makes the green color of the chair absolutely pop!


  • Creating a visual constant

image2 1 634x444 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


Creating a visually constant backdrop can make the smooth upholstery of your womb chair so much more prominent within the spaces. However, that does not mean that your space has to be boring. All you have to do is go for a repetitive design element. Just take a look at this image – the linearity of the background design element complements the Platner coffee table and side table that has been set up beside the womb chair. Together, they make the smooth, plush leather of the chair take center stage within the ambiance.


  • Furniture vs. furniture

image5 1 634x443 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


There are certain furniture types that are specifically set-up to visually enhance other types of furniture. Sideboards and buffets are of the former variety and accent chairs are of the latter. You can use a contemporary sideboard to provide a solid visual backdrop for your womb chair in an accent capacity. If you’re wondering how, just look at this image as an example – the lavender upholstery of the chair stands out gorgeously against the charisma of wood that comprises the sideboard. The accessorizing is just the cherry on top.


  • Using accent lights

image1 3 634x426 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


Accent lighting is one of the best ways to bring out the unique side of any furniture piece. You can use the dramatic effect of light and shadows to play with the distinct form of the womb chair to the fullest. The dim gold incandescence of the accent lights in this image perfectly uplifts the cozy, single-toned surroundings. The resulting shadows make the womb chair look positively glamorous!


  • Cushion contrast

image4 1 634x465 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


While the overall body of the womb chair is perfect for sitting down cozily, one can’t deny that its single-toned upholstery choice can be a bit repetitive. While that does not take away from its visuals in any way, you can bypass this dilemma by simply using a statement cushion to contrast its fabric upholstery. The cushion could have color, texture, and pattern variations that set off the chair aesthetics beautifully.


  • A dynamic backdrop

image6 634x431 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


You can have a lot of fun with your ambiance while furnishing the womb chair as an accent piece. Its rock-solid presence means that the backdrop can have a lot of dynamic visuals. If you want an elegant inspiration, just take a look at this image. The beauty of the navy blue backdrop, wooden nightstands, photorealistic artwork, and artfully placed décor make the womb chair feel like a very sophisticated presence. In fact, it almost anchors the whole look.


  • The view at the back

image7 1 634x441 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


Statement windows are an excellent design element – especially when you’ve got an amazing view outside. Since the womb chair s perfect for both relaxing and making a statement in your spaces, you can combine the two. The chair could be a foreground object that you can orient any way you want – either forward facing or sideways facing so that the views can be perfectly utilized.


  • Filling up empty nooks

image8 1 634x447 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


The womb chair is the perfect size, shape, and stature to utilize in any nook that feels a bit empty in your homes and offices. It also comes in bold, dramatic colors, so it can also be used as an accent piece at the same time. You can place it wherever you’ve got an adequate bit of empty space. Coupled with its ottoman and a floor lamp, it can make the nook feel functionally and aesthetically relevant again.


  • Shapely contrast

image10 634x447 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


The womb chair is the perfect choice to introduce some shapely contrast in your interior designs. While the rest of your furniture could be matching or straight-laced to a fault, just having the womb chair act as an accent piece can spice up the entire ambiance. You can simply set it up at a place of honor in your spaces so that it can live up to its full aesthetic capacity.


  • Color contrast

image9 1 634x416 10 different design ideas for your womb chair


Aside from its unique form, the womb chair comes in many statement-worthy colors, which is why it’s the perfect piece of furniture to introduce some visual contrast in your spaces. Once again, it could be furnished as an accent piece in neutral themed and otherwise monotonous spaces. The bright red womb chair in this image is a great example of how you can set one of your own in an artfully bland space.

So, these are a few design ideas that you can implement while furnishing the womb chair in your own homes. We hope these tips help you get the best results.