7 Tips To Stay Cozy On Cold Nights (Without Central Heat)

No matter how hot summer days are, summer nights can be chilly. If you don’t have central heat to blast, here are some ways to get cozy on a chilly night:

  1. Brew a cup of your favorite hot tea

Grab a mug and brew up a cup of your favorite hot tea. Chamomile tea is a tasty choice for a cozy night since it has a relaxing effect on the body. Add a touch of honey to make it sweet if that’s what you prefer. 

Lavender tea is also a good choice when you just want to relax and unwind. No matter what kind of tea you drink, breathe in the vapors and feel the warmth in your hands. The more relaxed you can get, the cozier you’ll feel.

  1. Fire up your wood stove

Having a fireplace looks good, but it won’t keep you warm like a wood stove. If you’ve got a wood stove in your house, use it on cold nights.

Instead of building a raging fire like you would in a snow storm, use unsplit rounds to create a fire that burns slowly and at a lower temperature. You’ll still need to use proper kindling, tinder, and some split wood to get the fire going but once your small rounds catch on fire, you’ll be comfortably set for hours.

If you know ahead of time the night will be on the chilly side, set yourself up with the right fireplace tools, including a wood holder. Once you get settled in, you won’t want to run outside to get more wood as the fire dies down.

  1. Get a “Comfy”

You’ve probably seen advertisements on television for the “Snuggie,” but there’s a better way to stay warm without looking like you’re wearing a robe: The Comfy. The Comfy is a Sherpa-lined, hooded sweatshirt blanket that’s big enough for you to pull around your knees. The company got its start on Shark Tank and has since been selling products like crazy. When you put one on, you’ll see why!

Snuggle up on the couch in a Comfy and you won’t need an extra blanket. It even comes with a front pocket just like a hoodie. Use the pocket to hold some snacks or the remote control.

  1. Cuddle up around an outdoor fire pit 

Making a cold night cozy doesn’t always mean eliminating every source of cold and locking yourself in a heated house. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to feel the cool breeze around you while you’re bundled up around a fire.

There’s something wonderfully relaxing about sitting around a firepit bundled up in fleece blankets and a hoodie. Fire pits are even more enjoyable with friends and family to share stories with and toast marshmallows until they catch on fire. 

  1. Take a lavender Epsom salt bath

Lavender and Epsom salt are a dynamic combination that soothe the body and help relieve stress. If you’ve been working out at the gym, this combination is great for eliminating DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). 

Epsom salt is an excellent source of magnesium, which our bodies need for a variety of purposes. Specifically relating to DOMS, low magnesium causes a buildup of lactic acid, which is the cause for muscle soreness. Soak it up in the tub, absorb some magnesium, and get your muscles to relax.

After a hot bath, wrap yourself in fleece and relax on the couch next to the fire.

  1. Sit next to an infrared heater

If you don’t use an infrared heater, you’re missing out. Infrared heaters produce infrared heat, which is directly absorbed into the skin. Standard heaters that use convection to produce heat aren’t as efficient because that type of heat isn’t absorbed into the skin. 

Sitting next to an infrared space heater is one of the best things you can do to get warm on a chilly night. The heat will stick to your clothes and your skin, and you won’t need to run the heater as long or as high.

  1. Read a good book

Bundle up in whatever blankets you have, put your feet up, and get lost in a story. Getting lost in a good book will help take your mind off the cold. Couple your book with a cup of hot tea and you’ll be sleeping sooner than you think.

Make peace with the cold

Don’t spend too much time trying to avoid the cold or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Being cold is an inevitable part of life. Make peace with the cold, and use these tips to make your cold nights a little cozier.