10 Amazing Nature Photos

I spend a lot of my time looking at wonderful pictures from nature, and I am always surprised again and again. There is no other artist like nature: the way she can combine colors and shapes and make views that are simply unbelievable and breathtaking – it’s truly amazing. One of the best feelings in the world is looking at a stunning view from nature. It is the best way to relax and be in one with yourself and the beauty that surrounds you. It gives you a feeling of calmness and serenity like nothing else can. In order to feel true happiness and blissfulness, you need to enjoy your alone time in nature. It’s a big shame and pity that a lot of wonderful nature is destroyed daily by the human hand, and we need to understand and realize that as soon as possible. Luckily, there still remain many amazing places to be seen, and we should definitely try and keep as many of them as possible. It’s common knowledge that being surrounded by nature can make you feel better and improve your mood. I, personally, don’t have any favorites, I enjoy a river, a stream, or a beach all the same. And I simply can’t describe the feeling I get when I’m around such a wonderful sight. It’s a feeling of happiness and fulfillment that makes you forget about all your troubles and worries, forget about the outside world and just concentrate on the miracle you are witnessing. Too bad we don’t always have time to spend in nature, and we live busy lifestyles, but in that case, you can always give your mind and soul a little treat by looking at a picture from nature and spend some time daydreaming about that place.

Sunshine Reflections

A truly wonderful picture of the sun rays peeking through the clouds and reflecting in the beautiful landscape.

Sunshine reflections 10 Amazing Nature Photos
Photo via www.topvacationspotsideas.com


Sorrento Back Beach, Australia

Enjoy this amazing photograph of a fantastic beach in Australia.

Sorrento Back Beach Australia 10 Amazing Nature Photos
Photo via www.thechive.com


Sampaloc Lake Laguna, Philippines

I can’t decide what makes this picture so breathtaking – is it the beautiful sky and the clouds, the mountains and sunset in the back, or the flowers in the lake.. it’s simply unbelievable.

Sampaloc Lake Laguna Philippines 10 Amazing Nature Photos
Photo via www.aspirationsinc.net


Mountains and a lake

An astounding picture of a fiery colorful sky reflecting in the water beneath.

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Photo via www.taringa.net


Fern Hammock Springs, Florida

Wonderful nature, fresh air and green all around, all completed with amazing springs – the ideal place to be.

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Photo via www.optimistnet.com


Rays of Sunshine

The sun rays through the trees and the tinkling river are simply magical to look at.

90c4578d01c42428fb9b383ca0a509cb 10 Amazing Nature Photos
Photo via www.designea.ru



Just another wonder of nature, magnificent and astounding.

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Photo via www.scottsmorraphotography.com


Autumn Fall

This breathtaking waterfall stands proud as the trees are beginning to change their color.

79807e1d40747e46a490d97fb2387e51 10 Amazing Nature Photos
Photo via www.xaxor.com


Vesturhorn, Iceland

Another of the many fascinating landscapes of Iceland.

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Photo via www.dumpaday.com


Climbing rocks, Utah

A beautiful place and a real challenge for adrenalin addicts!

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