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  • Designing Cool Architecture That’s Safe

    Life is risky enough. No one wants to be constantly reminded of danger while trying to work. Unless you’re a prison guard, you probably don’t want to clock in at a fortress. Architects need to balance comfort with building codes while protecting occupants against fire, natural disasters, and a host of other calamities.  For individual […]

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  • 10 Tips for a Cleaner Bathroom

    Bathrooms tend to get dirty faster than any other room in the house. It’s where people go to clean themselves, and it’s heavily trafficked by family members and guests alike. No matter how lavish your bathroom is, if it’s dirty, it’s going to be unpleasant. You’ll dread going into the bathroom and possibly gag at […]

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  • How to Turn a Shed into a Cozy Getaway

    For many homeowners, they regret not having gotten a bigger house. This can be very frustrating since your home is left without enough space to accommodate your valuables without feeling too clustered. However, there’s an easy fix—simply convert your shed into a getaway.  Doing this creates more room in your home since a bunch of […]

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  • Unique Trends for Birth Announcements

    Blessed with a baby boy, baby girl, or twins? Congratulations!! The most awaited moment has now arrived. The little child has brought lots of happiness and pleasure to your family. The next thought that arises is of sharing this happiness with everyone through making an announcement. Your excitement level for sharing the news is at […]