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  • Why Shopping Retro Is Great For The Planet

    Vintage shopping and the art of thrift shopping is officially trendy; from Kylie Jenner to Meghan Markle, everyone is looking to the past for timeless, retro items and fashion inspiration. While it’s on-trend to reclaim and upcycle a designer vintage clothing item or shopping for vintage clothing online, you are also supporting the fight against […]

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  • Women of Van Gogh

    Why do people make art? As surprising and diverse as the answers may be, one thing is clear: art is a way for people to express themselves. Art helps people bring out the essence and significance of things in their life – it comes in all shapes and forms! The categories of art include literature, […]

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  • Benefits Of Having A Fly Sheet For Horse

    When it comes to the warmer months, flies and other biting insects become a huge annoyance for horse owners. Risking their horse’s health, fly sheets for horses have become a blessing for the spring and summer seasons. Alongside their core purpose, we delve into the various additional benefits that you are likely to notice from […]