The World’s Most Beautiful Cruise Ports

There is a reason why cruises are such a popular choice for holidays. Stopping at so many different destinations and offering a variety of excursions, a cruise is like many vacations rolled into one getaway.

When onboard, one of the most exciting parts of the cruise experience is pulling into port. This is not just because of the opportunity to explore and learn about new cultures, but also because of the view.

Bolsover Cruise liners arrive at some of the most beautiful ports and destinations across the world. Here is a selection of the very best.

Kotor, Montenegro

Looking like an image from the perfect holiday postcard, Kotor is one of the prettiest port locations around. As the ship sails closer to the ancient city, you will be greeted by lush green mountains, sparkling turquoise oceans and rows of terracotta and stone buildings. The view after disembarking is spectacular, too. Many of the buildings in Kotor are from the Middle Ages. Venture along one of the cliffside trails to really appreciate this picturesque place.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is the ultimate port, offering everything from pristine beaches to a bright and vibrant metropolitan city. When sailing into port, you will be greeted by the world famous ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue, which stands guard over this beautiful Brazilian city. Whether you arrive during the day or when the city is lit up at night, Rio is without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful, lively and inviting cruise ports.

Kauai, Hawaii

Follow in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow and Jurassic Park’s Alan Grant as you are greeted by the mesmerizing views provided by Hawaii’s oldest island. Looking like a scene from a movie – which incidentally, it is – on Kauai you will find vast expanses of rainforest, white sandy beaches, and incredible cloud-tipped mountains, making it the ideal spot for relaxation.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

More than 900-years-old, Dubrovnik is a stunning, historical port that has become a very popular cruise stop in recent years. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, as your ship pulls into port you will notice that this ancient coastal city is surrounded by a white-walled stone fortification and after disembarking, you can marvel at the scenic cobbled streets.

Aruba, Caribbean

If your dream cruise destination offers stretches of tropical beaches for as far as the eye can see, rows of palm trees and crystal-clear waters, then Aruba will undoubtedly be your favourite. The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is the perfect spot for both sun-soakers and those who enjoy water sports, including snorkelling and surfing, and has a large population of beach-wandering flamingos.

Whether you choose to sail through the Caribbean, Mediterranean or elsewhere, a cruise is a great getaway. Make sure to check if your liner stops off at some of the world’s most beautiful cruise ports along the way.