A Window of Opportunity to Refresh the Look of Your Home

One of the main considerations while furnishing a new home or renovating an existing one is selecting great windows. Windows provide a peek into your lifestyle and mental attitude far more than you give them credit for. Large windows with lots of natural light seeping through create an open and inviting atmosphere for your home. Windows offer plenty of clean, fresh air and determine the look and feel of your home.

Repair or Replace?

Replacing old windows is a major investment since you will need to hire a roofing company or contractor for installation but there are several advantages of getting new windows. They operate smoothly, have fewer drafts and save energy. They are also easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.Not sure if it is time to repair or replace old windows? Answer the following and find out:

  • Are the windows operating smoothly? Do they slide, open or swing easily or do they get stuck?
  • If you have painted windows, is the paint wearing off? Are the cracks hideously visible? Do the edges appear to be rotting? Repainting is often a temporary solution, it is like dressing up a wound instead of healing it. In addition, if you choose to repaint regularly, in the long run, it will turn out to be equally or more expensive than replacing them.
  • Is the window glass collecting condensation clouding the view? In that case, it is time for a more efficient glass to deal with this problem.
  • Is cleaning a problem? New windows require minimal upkeep and offer a good solution to cleaning.
  • Are they rotting? Repairing won’t help unless you are up for regular maintenance. Replacing them would be better.
  • If the crank mechanisms are worn-out, you can replace them. If the hinges are bent or partly broken, consider new windows.
  • Fogged double-pane glass can’t be fixed without the services of a pro. Sometimes it may involve replacing the entire sash. Compare the repair cost to replacement cost.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find parts for old windows. Online stores may help but it might just be less of a hassle to replace them.

After considering the above, if you decide to invest in new windows, here are a few options to class up your rooms with different types of windows

  1. Double-hung Windows – These have two sashes in the frame that slide up and down. They open from top or bottom but stay within the frame and do not extend inside or extend the house. Single-hung windows, on the other hand, only have one part that opens (usually bottom). The top portion is stationery. These are mostly found in traditional or classic-styled homes.
  2. Casement Windows – Casement windows have hinges and operate by turning the crank in the operating mechanism. An ideal option for kitchens, they are large and more open allowing more natural light.
  3. Awning Windows – These open outward to allow air to flow from left, right and bottom. They can be installed with a stationary or an operating window at the top, bottom or at the side.
  4. Picture Window – Picture windows are large, usually stationary that allow unobstructed light and view. In contemporary homes, picture walls double as window walls in unique shapes offering architectural features.
  5. Transom Window – A narrow window mounted mostly to allow more light, a transom window could be stationary or operating.
  6. Slider Windows – Operating on a track or railing, slider windows may have one or more operating windows that move horizontally on the track. Most modern, contemporary homes have slider windows. These are best used in living rooms and bedrooms.
  7. Stationary Windows – These are non-operating windows which can be customized in different angles or shapes. Many modern, contemporary homes use stationary windows alongside operating windows.
  8. Bay or Bow Windows – These allow more interior space, as they extend outwards. They are mostly used in conjunction with stationary, casement or double-hung windows. Bay windows are best for kitchens (along with casement windows) especially if you are looking for more natural light. They add elegance and appeal to the space. They also have good energy ratings giving you a fair estimate of heat and electricity savings.

The Right Treatment

The choice of a window treatment is based on available space, window type and theme of the room. In general, silk panels go great with bay windows. Tailored silk Roman shades work well with both traditional and contemporary styled homes.  Floor-length drapes are simple and classic suitable for any kind of space.

Double-pane glass windows improve comfort. They block harsh direct sunlight while allowing sufficient natural light. They also block cold drafts and reduce condensation.

New windows in the market today are energy-efficient which can help you save on electricity and heat bills. Check with your roofing company to narrow down the best option for your home. If your old windows are not in great shape, you are making the right choice by replacing them.