Why Going For a Drive Can Cool Emotions and Clear Your Head

We’ve all been there: that moment when emotions build up after a fight or stress happens at work. While it may be the first impulse to blow up at someone or yell at a manager, this is generally not the best response. Instead of succumbing to the stress, try and plan out some ways that you can control your emotions and back away from a situation.

Each of us has a way to relieve stress, but one way you may be able to do that is by going for a drive. We often equate driving with stress, but getting out on an open road with your favorite music playing and the windows down may be just what you need. Learn how going for a drive could contribute to cooling your emotions and clearing your head.

Listening to music can help you destress.

While you are driving, put on some of your favorite music to take your mind off of things. According to the University of Nevada, faster music helps you concentrate, upbeat music helps you feel more positive, and slower music can help you relax. Turn on a good mix of songs that will destress you and cool off those emotions that are running high. If you prefer 80s music, then choose that, or turn up the soothing sounds of jazz and relax as you drive away from whatever is causing your emotions to run high.

You can focus on driving and singing along, which will serve as a distraction. DC therapists and other mental health professionals such as a psychologist or family therapist may recommend a certain type of music for you to listen to. If you’re in counseling, they know your strengths when it comes to handling mental health issues and can help you come up with a plan for destressing, which may include driving and listening to music.

Find a route that won’t cause you more stress.

 Why Going For a Drive Can Cool Emotions and Clear Your Head

If you are driving to relieve stress, then you don’t want to pick a road that will be filled with traffic jams and stressful situations. Instead, choose one that you know well and is perhaps a bit off of the beaten path, making it easier to travel. This way, you can drive peacefully and listen to your music while calming down from whatever caused you stress.

Right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be fewer people out on the roads as well, making the experience easier for you. You can roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and let the wind blow through your hair, as the famous band Alabama once sang in their song “Reckless.” It might even be a good idea to stop at your favorite local drive-thru to grab a hot drink while you work on calming down. Once you have calmed down, you can then return to the situation with a clearer head and a game plan on how to handle what happened without reacting in a negative way.

Make sure you have full insurance coverage.

 Why Going For a Drive Can Cool Emotions and Clear Your Head

Even if you are driving on a less crowded road, the chance remains that you could get into a car accident that damages your windshield or other parts of your vehicle. Make sure you have liability insurance at the very least, but collision insurance is also vital especially if you have a new car that has a loan, as that is typically required by lenders. A comprehensive car insurance policy will give you peace of mind while you’re driving to relieve stress from another situation. Additionally, this can help protect your car from weather damage such as hail, wind, wildfires, and more.