What Are the Pros and Cons of Working from Home Over Working in The Office?

Two things are growing in the US economy today. Those are remote worker jobs that allow regular employees to work from home, and freelance jobs where you are self-employed and working from home. What’s made these kinds of jobs popular is the kind of freedom and flexibility they offer, and in some cases the feeling of being more in control of your daily schedule. But that doesn’t mean working from home is the best idea, and you need to weigh the following pros and cons to doing it.

Pro: Eliminating Driving Or Using Public Transportation

Probably the biggest and most appealing reason not for working from home is not feeling rushed out the door every morning. When you drive to work, you always have to allow yourself time to get there without speeding, and if you live in a big city, you need to account for heavy traffic. When you use public transportation, you’re at the mercy of the times your ride leaves and departs. Plus, you add up all the additional costs of gas and mileage that adds up on your vehicle as well as wear and tear. Working from home eliminates these hassles and usually a lot of stress from your workday mornings.

Pro: No More Dealing With People You Don’t Get Along With

Maybe you’re a good worker, but there are certain kinds of people you don’t get along with very well. You don’t like that supervisor always getting on your case about certain projects, or you don’t like that quirk your colleague in the desk next to you has. When you work remotely or as a freelancer, you can work in the peace and quiet of your own home and not be bothered by those annoying personality types. Plus you can wear what you want and set your own workplace culture.

Pro: You Can Get Your Finances And Personal Emergencies Addressed

If you are a freelancer, you may feel a lack of financial security compared to that of a traditional full-time employee. But at the same time, both freelancers and remote workers may see their commuting or automobile expenses decrease. This can help you grow your savings more quickly, and even help you pay down any previous debt from a credit card or money loan online. Plus you may have the ability to build more savings by working extra hours on your own schedule, if need be.

Con: There Can Still Be Distractions

While working from home may allow you to escape the noise of your coworkers chatting in the halls or the constant ringing of phones, your home might have its own distractions. If you get hungry easily, you may find yourself stopping at the refrigerator frequently. You might catch yourself turning on the TV to catch the news, realizing a certain house chore wasn’t finished, or maybe even dealing with a crying infant if you’re a parent. Bottom line, there could be just as many if not more distractions at home.

Con: It’s Not for Social Butterflies

If you prefer smaller crowds and need your space to be productive, working from home is probably right for you. But if you like getting in person feedback from your boss or colleagues, being part of group collaboration, or even just chit chatting about fun things at lunch time, then working at home means no more of that. Isolation has always come up as a drawback to working from home, and one reason why some remote workers go to coworking space locations instead.

Basically, working from home is usually best for people who are always motivated to work but feel better able to do it in their own location. If you’re not the most disciplined worker, you’re probably better off sticking to an office environment even with the alluring perks of working from home.