DIY Tips to Make Your Pet House

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Image Credit: Pixabay

If you want your pet to be comfortable outdoors then you will need to construct their very own pet house. There are many mass produced pet houses available in the market but nothing feels better than building the house yourself. In order to realize that goal you will need to get a blueprint that is suitable for the breed of dog you have and the climate you are living in.  After you have the blueprints in place you can move forward with the construction of your pet house.

Selecting the Right Type of Building Materials

There are many different types of building materials available when constructing a house for your dog but you should stick with good old-fashioned wood. Wood has many positive attributes associated with it and one of them being it is very durable. If you get pressure treated lumber it should last many years without having to worry about water damage.

Installing a Sound Resistant Roof

In the past some pet homes were constructed using tin roofs but what most pet owners did not realize is the sound of rain hitting the tin roof was distressing to the dogs. We consider the sound soothing to our ears but for the dogs who have sensitive hearing the sound of rain hitting the tin roof could be traumatizing so pick a material that absorbs sound without letting water in.

Install a Solid Foundation

If you have a smaller dog and live in a climate where there is a considerable amount of wind the dog may feel apprehensive about being inside a house that moves with the wind. The dog house you build should be anchored to the ground with either a foundation or some type of stones to reduce the risk of having the dog house move on a windy day.

To Paint or Not to Paint

You may be tempted to paint the dog house, however, before we go into that topic you should not varnish or stain the wood used to construct the dog house. If the dog chewed on the wood that had stain or varnish on it then your dog could experience some negative health effects. It would be wise to use paints that are classified as pet friendly so you have total peace of mind knowing your dog is not at risk of becoming ill due to the paint on his/her brand new house.

Repurposing an Old Dog House

One great way to save money when building a house for your dog is to take an older dog house and repurpose it. A little TLC can go a long way when trying to give an old dog house a new lease on life. You will need to make sure the house is well furnished with toys the god will love. You can find toys from websites like  which has an incredible line of toys available.

If you follow these DIY tips your dog is going to be very happy playing inside the new house you created for them.